The Arts

At Pulteney, we recognise the importance of an arts-rich education and the benefits of self-expression and exploration in the school environment. We understand how an introduction to the arts at an early age can support the child’s development, including language, mathematics, social skills, and academic outcomes.
Pulteney is proud to foster creative and inclusive arts programs offered to students of all year levels.
The School views the arts as a pathway for students to investigate the world through complex lenses and build their knowledge of classic and modern artforms.

Basic concepts are introduced during the early years to build a solid foundation of The Arts and its place in the world. Importantly, students learn how to share their art and interpretations with their peers and teachers to gain varying perspectives and connections to art making.

This development continues through Junior School with introduction to co-curricular opportunities for performing arts (theatre, dance, music) and visual art lessons, design and technology. Students are encouraged to explore a range of art forms and discover subjects to suit their passions and interests.

During Senior and Middle School, subjects such as creative industries, design technologies and major theatre productions provide students with real-life learning opportunities. They learn that designing, producing, and resolving their work is essential to the arts, as well as business skills, team work and fostering a sense of belonging and self-belief within their chosen field.

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