Visual Arts

The Visual Arts provides students with an engaging forum for personal expression, critical thinking, and global enquiry. Working across a diverse range of mediums and formats, students can engage with the Visual Arts through two- and three-dimensional art studies, Photography and Multimedia, Design, Creative Arts and Art Technology. Each subject empowers students to reflect critically and respond purposefully to real-world concepts and contexts and is supported by collaboration and community partnerships.

The Visual Art curriculum and learning environment is intentionally aligned with an art school experience and is facilitated by teaching staff who are also professional arts practitioners as well as highly trained educators. Our students often pursue further study in fields such as Fine Art, Architectural Design, Graphic Design and Creative Arts. The Arts, more broadly, also provides opportunities to develop more global personal capabilities, such as quality thinking, personal enterprise and self-motivated learning, which can supplement and enrich learning in other curriculum areas.

Visual Art students have the potential to engage with opportunities that include annual public exhibitions and design markets in the Osmond Street Atelier, middle and senior school exhibitions, quarterly curated exhibitions in the ‘Corridor Gallery’, online Junior School exhibitions, design partnerships with the University of Adelaide School of Architecture, excursions to the Art Gallery of South Australia and to various tertiary arts institutions, and tailored opportunities throughout the school year.

Artist in Residence

The Artist in Residence program aims to foster authentic partnerships with industry professionals to create a platform for collaboration, creativity and engagement. In 2023, Pulteney welcomed acclaimed multidisciplinary artist, Amber Cronin, as its first Artist in Residence. Working alongside students across the entire school from R-12, Amber inspired a curiosity for the natural world and invited students to contribute to a sculptural work that will undoubtedly become an indelible part of the Pulteney legacy.

Pulteney Arts Community presents

The Junior Art Show 2022

A Mixed Group Exhibition

This is a visual celebration of our Reception to Year 6 artists. The Kurrajong and Prep Visual Arts program engages students in exploring their immediate world for inspiration. They make artworks based on themes and topics that are relevant to them and, through Visual Arts, learn ways of experiencing, developing, representing and understanding ideas, emotions, values and cultural beliefs. Children engaging in Art learn to take risks, be imaginative, explore alternative solutions, develop, practice and refine techniques and share opinions.


Pulteney Arts Community presents


A Mixed Group Exhibition

Ceramics, Drawing, Jewellery, Painting, Print-making, Textiles

A celebration of artists and designers spanning across Pulteney Grammar School’s history. With collected works from esteemed old scholars, Jeffrey Smart and Harold Thomas, through to more recent old scholars, art faculty staff and current students. Through this exhibition, the ties of the Pulteney community are drawn together to explore to the bonds that emerge between our youngest artists, community elders and the creative threads that reach across our broader community.