Old Scholars

Attending Pulteney Grammar School is the beginning of a lifelong connection to the School and its community.

With more than 10,000 members, the Pulteney Old Scholars’ Association (POSA) forms a fundamental part of our Pulteney community. Established in 1898 (as the Pulteney Street School Old Scholars’ Association), today Pulteney alumni or ‘Navy Blues’ as they are fondly known, can be found in all corners of the globe.

Pulteney’s large network of Old Scholars represents an expansive and impressive range of backgrounds and professional pursuits and we value the contribution and connection of every member.
POSA also operates as a valuable liaison point with the School, communicating Old Scholar activities, initiatives and interactions and providing opportunity to mentor current students.

With the hope of remaining connected to all of our students once they venture beyond the gates of South Terrace, every past student of Pulteney is welcomed back.

Queen’s Old Boys Association

In 1883 Reverend Thomas Field established the Christ Church Collegiate School at the Christ Church Schoolrooms in Jeffcott Street North Adelaide. The institution was later renamed Queen’s School and later still Queen’s College. During the last week of June 1949 parents of the 130 boys at the College were advised of its impending closure at the end of the year. The School did not fail as a school for lack of pupils, curriculum choice or competent teaching staff, but as a business venture, for lack of working capital. Queen’s had been a significant competitor for Pulteney, and its loss, as one of three Anglican boys Schools in Adelaide, was profoundly felt across South Australia. A significant number of boys transferred to Pulteney upon Queen’s closure.

More than half a century has now passed since Queen’s closed its doors but the College is far from forgotten. The Old Boy’s Association is still very active. Luncheons are held on the second Friday in each month, at The Naval, Military and Air Force Club, 111 Hutt Street, Adelaide and at Pulteney. The Queen’s War Memorial Scholarship was endowed by Old Boys in 2012 and supports two students attending Pulteney. Memorabilia including photos, story boards, clothing and awards is conserved by The Pulteney Archives and is on display in the Queen’s Room in Wheaton House. Old Boys and their families are most welcome to attend the regular luncheons and indeed to visit The Queen’s Room.

Enquiries should be made, in the first instance, to Mark Bourchier, Director of Philanthropy, on 8216 5504.



This year on Founders’ Day, students will tour the School to learn about its history, buildings, and landscapes. The History Walk is a way to reflect on the evolution of Pulteney and its unique character and to celebrate and reflect on the School’s foundations.

View supporting documentation here.

Pulteney History Walk 2024


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Stay Connected

We are always pleased to hear from our Navy Blues and welcome news you may like to share or any enquiries you may have in relation to POSA or the School.

The Pulteney community is saddened to learn of the passing of Old Scholars and members of the School community. Please see our Eulogies page to read about the lives of past Old Scholars and community members.




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Reunions and Events

We honour all Pulteney Old Scholars by providing opportunities to reconnect, share experiences and enjoy the close bond made during school years. Please see our calendar below for social and networking events you may wish to attend.
Our dedicated reunion program includes interstate and international reunions to ensure that ties between the School are continued beyond the gates of South Terrace. Annual events such as Founders Day on May 29, remains an important part of the School’s calendar. It is a time where present students and staff come together with Old Scholars to reflect on the School’s history and make plans for its future.

2024 Reunion Dates

Saturday 4 May

Old Scholar Dinner 
Jarmer’s Kitchen

Sunday 26 May

Melbourne Reunion
Venue TBC

Friday 14 June

Class of 2014 Reunion
Jarmer’s Kitchen

Friday 28 June

Class of 2004 Reunion
Jarmer’s Kitchen



Friday 26 July

Class of 1994 Reunion
Jarmer’s Kitchen

Friday 16 August

Class of 1984 Reunion


Friday 30 August

50 Year Reunion
Jarmer’s Kitchen

Friday 18 October

Class of 1964 Reunion


Friday 22 November

Class of 2023 Reunion
Sam Leaker Courtyard


2024 community, social or networking events

Thursday 4 April

Business Breakfast
The Pavilion

Sunday 4 August

The Pulteney Foundation
Après Ski Long Lunch
Robert Henshall Sport Centre

Monday 11 November

Remembrance Day
Robert Henshall Sport Centre

Wednesday 23 October

Business Breakfast
Details to follow.

Queen's Old Boy's Association 2024 luncheons- The Naval & Military Club

Friday 16 February
Friday 8 March
Friday 12 April
Friday 10 May
Friday 14 June
Friday 12 July
Friday 9 August
Friday 13 September
Friday 11 October
Monday 11 November

Remembrance Day Service and lunch – venue to be advised.

Friday 8 November
Friday 13 December


POSA is an incorporated association and the Committee its governing body. The POSA Committee consists of a diverse group of people, from recent School leavers to long standing members of the Pulteney community. These volunteers bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to POSA and work closely together to oversee the finances and ongoing success of POSA. The Committee also works with the School to support functions and initiatives that encourage connection with current students and families.

POSA Committee

Jeremy Wheeler, President (88-92)
Paul Hoadley, Vice President (85-89)
Dimity Dutch, Secretary (02-14)
Mark Bourchier, Football Club Rep (72-78)
Matt van der Sommen, Treasurer and Cricket Rep (07-14)
Sean Conneely,  (01-13)
Hugh Brunning (’19) Soccer Rep

Committee Members:
James Boucher
Alex Mader
Daniel Mynhart
Heath Mynhart
Chris Greening
Harry Oates
Laura Fitzpatrick
Alexia Daminato
Justin Putland
Alex Martin

Meetings of the POSA Committee are usually held on the first Monday of the month at 6.30pm at Allan Wheaton House.

If you would like to learn more about the committee and opportunities to get involved, please email Mark Bourchier at

Old Scholar Sporting Clubs

Pulteney Old Scholars sporting clubs offer sporting and recreational opportunities for Old Scholars and provide participants with a connection to the School and the Old Scholar community. With almost 20 teams competing throughout the year, the Pulteney Old Scholars Association has a healthy commitment to sport.




Old Scholars Scholarship

Information about the Old Scholars’ Scholarship as well as the Queen’s War Memorial Scholarship is available on the Scholarships page.

Scholarship Information

History of the Pulteney Old Scholars’ Association

Pulteney’s history started on May 29, 1848 when the Pulteney Street School opened for students from its original premises on Pulteney Street.

The first Old Scholars’ Association, known as the Pulteney Street Old Scholars’ Association, officially started on 6 October 1898. Prior to this there was an unofficial association, consisting namely of Old Scholars known as Moore-ites, who had been at the School when Mr WS Moore was headmaster between 1861 and 1884.

In 1901, following a request from the Old Scholars’ Association to the Board of Governors, the Association was allowed to nominate one of its members to fill a vacancy on the board. In April of that year the first Old Scholars’ nominee was duly elected to the board and attended his first meeting in June.

The School remained in Pulteney Street until 1919 when it moved to temporary premises in the Hindmarsh Square Congregational Hall.

The photograph was taken at a farewell ceremony on 4 September 1919 and shows the final assembly of Old Scholars of the Pulteney Street School. Note the two women seated in the front row. When Pulteney started, it was as a coeducational school and remained so until 1884, so the Old Scholars’ Association included girls from its commencement.

The foundation stone for the new Pulteney Grammar School was laid on 11 November 1920 and the Governor-General, Lord Forster, officially opened the school on Sunday 3 July 1921.

At the same time arrangements were underway for the school to move to South Terrace, the current headmaster, Mr WP Nicholls (himself an Old Scholar), initiated a revival of the Old Scholars’ Association, which had apparently not met since May 1911. In response to a newspaper advertisement, approximately 100 Old Scholars attended the School’s 69th birthday and an influx of members saw the Association become an active partner in the School’s community. The headmaster continued his involvement with the Association and for 18 months was effectively its President and for many years after that continued to be an energetic member of the committee.

The early 1940s saw a major reorganisation of the administrative side of the school, which included the official name change from Pulteney Street School Inc. to Pulteney Grammar School, although it had been commonly known as that since 1921. The administrative changes also included significant change of the corporation’s rules and regulations that had been established in 1870. One of those changes was to allow the Old Scholars’ Association to nominate two members to the Council of Governors, the forerunner to today’s Board. This policy is still in operation today and in 2013 the first female Old Scholar nominee was appointed to the Board.

The appointment of Canon Ray in 1947 was a turning point in the School’s history. In the years leading up to his appointment, student numbers had been dropping steadily and this had impacted on Old Scholar numbers and therefore the Association’s involvement and impact on school life. Under his leadership, student numbers steadily increased, much needed maintenance work was undertaken, additional buildings were acquired and a number of new initiatives were implemented.

One of the factors that contributed to the fall in numbers was that Pulteney did not offer classes beyond intermediate level, Year 10. This meant students who wanted to complete their education transferred to other schools and in many cases, joined that school’s Old Scholars, rather than Pulteney. This changed in 1951 when Leaving (Year 11) was reintroduced after a brief unsuccessful attempt several years earlier and then in 1953 when Leaving Honours (Year 12) began.

Access to past student records

Past student records hold private and personal information of old scholars. Pulteney has a duty of care to ensure this information is held and maintained in a secure environment. The following process has been developed to protect your privacy. We need to make sure the person requesting your information is really you.

For many requesting this information, school was a long time ago and addresses, signatures and the like change. Therefore, we need to make the following requests to make sure we only release your information to you.

Please Note:

Final Year 12 results are not issued by Pulteney. Past students can apply to the SACE Board for a replacement copy of Intermediate, Leaving, Leaving Honours, Matriculation, Year 12 and SACE results.

Students who completed their secondary education between 1993 and 2019 can access their Record of Achievement and Tertiary Entrance Statement by logging in to Students Online.

Students who completed their secondary education prior to 1993 will need to complete the replacement results order form via SACE.

Please contact SACE directly with any questions on 8115 4700.

Requests for access to past student information must come directly from the past student in writing. Please supply a copy of proof of identification which includes a photo, address and date of birth and a drivers’ licence if possible. Please specify what information you require and address correspondence to

Releasing information to a third party

Information cannot be released to a third party, in Australia or overseas, without your consent. If you require us to release information to a third party (such as an employer), please indicate who will be seeking the information (preferably please provide contact details) and the type of information they will require.

Please note the standard release documentation used by screening companies is not sufficient for us to release your personal information. We must receive your specific permission as outlined above.

Access the School’s Privacy Policy here.