Middle School
(Year 7 - 9)

When students cross the bridge from child to early adulthood, there is both trepidation and excitement as they take on greater responsibilities and become more independent.

Middle School students at Pulteney are encouraged to engage in intellectual pursuits, to express themselves creatively, extend themselves physically and to develop their character.

A foundation of respect, inclusivity and open communication provides students with a strong sense of awareness and fosters a positive social and emotional learning environment.

Our dedicated and enthusiastic home group teachers support student wellbeing throughout this journey and work collaboratively to provide the ideal blend of structure and choice.

Our curriculum in these formative years is tailored specifically to the needs of contemporary adolescents.

Whilst fostering confidence, risk-taking and resilience, we challenge students in our Middle School to achieve their personal best and take responsibility for their learning, ensuring they are motivated for their future learning endeavours.

We are proud of the strong sense of community and belonging in our Middle School, and we celebrate diversity, identity and responsibility in every young person, every day.

The journey from childhood to young adult crosses over Middle Schooling. We incorporate passionate teaching, an interesting and exciting curriculum, and a strong focus on wellbeing.

Craig McFarlane, Head of Middle School

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