Our School

Envisioning the future


To provide a meaningful and useful educational experience for each and every student that enables them to be their best self.


To prosper.

Strategic intent and the Pulteney DNA (our lived values)

The strategic intention of Pulteney Grammar School is:

To provide a personalised educational experience defined by authentic relationships. This will be achieved through shared systems of teaching and learning that empower students to prosper.

Guiding our strategic direction is a unified sense of purpose and ambition crafted through our history.

Pulteney’s DNA captures its lived values: the aspects of culture that define the current School and which resonate as aspirations for the future. The DNA influences and informs our decision making and our actions; it establishes that to which the School holds fast.

Our lived values

Honesty, truth, integrity.

Limitless opportunities sought through passionate thought and deed.

Intentional, resolute and reflective.

Legacy etched through a community’s tradition, innovation, service and faith.

Curated and distinctive experiences.

Respect and empathy fostered through collaboration
and care.

Our lived values, or our DNA, are both observable and aspirational; at once capturing the essence of our journey through history and distilling what it means to be a Pulteney Grammarian now and in times ahead. Our lived values shape our experiences as students, teachers, parents and families of Pulteney Grammar School and will become the explicit reference for defining a Pulteney education.

Cameron Bacholer, Principal

Strategic Plan 2021 - 2026

Read more about the Story of Pulteney, our lived values and our strategic intent via the online Strategic Plan 2021 – 2026