School Captains

Congratulations to all of our School Captains for 2024.Student leadership at Pulteney is approached holistically to ensure we celebrate our children’s desires to lead and to thrive in a positive school community. Every student is given the opportunity to practice their leadership skills, decision making and team building skills. By their final year, students with leadership aspirations will be ready to take on real-life challenges as future leaders and decisions makers.

At Pulteney, opportunities for student leadership begin during the early years, think ‘Star of the Day’ and ‘Line Leader’, and continues throughout the child’s educational journey.

Student leadership is not just about the title of ‘School Captain’ or ‘House Captain’. It is a way for our students to contribute to the values and character of their school and build authentic relationships with peers, teachers, and others.

During the recent student leadership induction, a challenge was posed to Middle School and Senior School leaders to contemplate what it means to be an authentic leader. This challenge emphasised the importance of personal values, intentions, genuine relationships, honesty, healthy boundaries, and the celebration of differences in fostering effective student leadership.

As we embrace a new school year, we look forward to working with all our student leaders.

A big congratulations to our Year 12 School Captains, Fallon Katz, Nick Restas, Elliot Inglis and Amelia Kiritsis. Your appointment is a testament to your exceptional leadership qualities and the trust placed in you by your peers and teachers. May this year be filled with remarkable achievements and memorable experiences. Your dedication and hard work have earned you this honour.


Fallon Katz

School Captain

Nicholas Restas

School Captain

Elliot Inglis

School Vice Captain

Amelia Kiritsis

School Vice Captain