At Pulteney, our experienced and passionate teachers and school leaders work together to deliver a personalised and inclusive learning experience. The robust curriculums from ELC to Year 12 ensure a breadth of subjects and educational opportunities are offered. Pulteney’s learning environments are designed to embrace modern teaching methods and collaborative learning. Additionally, the School takes a thoughtful and constructive approach to new technologies and the artificial intelligence era. As teaching and studying is always adapting to the modern world, the School remains at the forefront of new learning methods, partnerships and entrepreneurial advancements.

Pulteney Learner Compass

The Pulteney Experience is about a personalised education where:

  • There are boundless opportunities that offer students direction and purpose.
  • There is an integrated student experience with a balance of explicit instruction, implicit learning and active participation which plays out across multiple contexts across the School.
  • There are broader measures of achievement that are recognised through both established and new ways of assessing, for the purpose of growth, from Reception to Year 12.

Ask anyone why school is important and no doubt you’ll get a variety of responses with some common themes. Historically, and quite simply, an education taught you how to work, so that you could get yourself a job, earn an income in usually one profession and survive.

Preparing graduates for the workforce continues to be an important outcome in schooling but it is not the only one. Education today should prepare young people for a life in which they can prosper in a holistic sense – emotionally, physically, spiritually, academically, in a world that is complex, uncertain and changing. The world of work has dramatically changed since we began our lives at school, to one now, where jobs across multiple professions will be experienced; where the capacity to adapt and to collaborate will be vital; where transversal, transferrable or soft skills, will be applied in many contexts to solve problems that require novel solutions; and where passions perhaps ignited in childhood, can evolve, transform and shape a better future.