Junior School
(Reception - Year 6)

We believe that children learn best when learning is engaging, social and fun. We take a holistic approach to develop children’s social and emotional skills, intellectual independence, and spiritual and physical growth.

Your child will emerge from their early childhood years at Pulteney’s Junior School, full of confidence and knowledge.

Welcome to Pulteney’s Junior School – the start of the Pulteney learning experience. Here, our youngest students become active learners, get their hands dirty, stimulate their senses and experience the richness of life. We seek to inspire young minds to tap into their passions and potential, to be creative, critical, and ethical thinkers. With small class sizes, our teaching staff know each child as a unique person.

The junior years are an exciting stage of discovery where the abilities and interests of our young people grow. During their time in the Junior School, each child can explore new experiences, foster teamwork and collaborative skills and develop passions through a broad suite of subjects and co-curricular activities. As their confidence in learning prospers, each child is inspired to be creative, independent and critical in their thinking, and reflective in their learning.

Specialist teachers provide creative and enriching learning experiences that are designed to be meaningful, relevant and challenging and our exceptional teaching staff recognises the need to cater for individual differences.

Pulteney’s Junior School is a fantastic learning environment that instils in students the attributes of participation and exploration, as well as a sense of belonging. Our extensive leadership program for our older Junior School students complements personal and social learning as well as academic learning, while daily explorations develop relationships and associations with the community. Each facet contributes to students’ growing identity and sense of self.

We believe that a Pulteney primary education truly equips young people with the fundamental skills that they will increasingly require.

Enriched Learning

Our learning environment facilitates the development of the Critical, Creative and Ethical intelligences:

Critical Intelligence involves the skills of language, mathematical and verbal reasoning, logic, memory and processing of information. These abilities are developed through a structured and focused academic curriculum, which supports and challenges all students.

Creative Intelligence involves the ability to think and act with fluency, innovation, flexibility and originality. These qualities are developed through a total curriculum that recognises each student’s special strengths and abilities.

Ethical Intelligence involves the ability to think and act with moral insight. These qualities are developed through a total curriculum, which values a spiritual perspective on life within an Anglican context.


From Reception to Year 10, the Australian Curriculum is fully implemented across all eight of the learning areas of: English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities (History, Geography, Economics and Business and Citizenship), Technology, Languages, The Arts (Music, Drama, Visual Art, Design, Dance) and Health and Physical Education.

In our Junior School this curriculum is complemented by the tracking of individual literacy and numeracy development using the National Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions. Students are given continuous feedback about their learning progress and growth and goals are continuously monitored for the purpose of differentiation and personalisation of student learning.

We have specialist teachers who run curated programs in Physical Education, Health, Performing Arts (including Music), Visual and Media arts, Chinese and Technology . We also engage with expert partners in our city community and beyond to offer experiential learning that complements our classroom learning.

Our program for students from Reception to Year 6 demonstrates our holistic approach to education, and one that integrates academic learning with social and emotional development.

A safe and secure learning environment, where ideas are valued, empowers students to think for themselves, contribute to discussions and solve problems. We strive to build strong relationships between students, teachers, parents and the community.

Head of Junior School

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Specialist Subjects

Personal and Social Capability: Rock & Water Program

Academic Support and Extension


Co-curricular Opportunities

Experiential Learning: Outdoor Education and Camps


Environment and Learning Spaces

Flythrough - facilities for Years 3 to 6


We encourage you to book a tour of our warm and welcoming Junior School, to meet the exceptional educators who will support your child during their junior school years.