Senior School

Pulteney senior students (10-12) are extremely supported by their teachers to finish school with self-confidence and prepared for their future. They are encouraged to see themselves as lifelong learners, to set personal learning goals and explore possibilities beyond the school gates.
The senior learning hub, one ninety is designed for autonomous study and individual learning styles. The extensive curriculum allows for students to find their passion as well as discover new ones. The close study environment and small class sizes give rise to all students feeling valued and their voices heard.
Furthermore, a dedicated vocational team, wellbeing program and individual tutoring ensures students feel confident in the decisions they make as they move into adulthood.
We warmly invite you to tour the senior school via the online booking system.

The senior curriculum at Pulteney is based around the requirements of the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). Students can choose from more than 30 subjects leading toward their SACE. This breadth of subject choice gives each student the ability to focus on their areas of strength while exploring new interests. During these important years, study is approached with flexibility and personalised instruction to ensure every student’s goals are supported.

This is achieved by:

  • Experienced passionate teachers who are at the top of their field.
  • A learning team that extends and diversifies the traditional resources within a school setting.
  • Curriculum design that allows for self-pacing.
  • Experiential and enterprise opportunities, in combination with online resources, all of which extend the learning beyond the classroom.
  • The use of Canvas, an online continuous reporting platform for personalised Pulteney courses, enabling students, parents and teachers to share and exchange detailed information about the teaching and learning process as it develops for each student.
  • A dedicated vocational team ‘Pulteney Grammar School Futures’ that provides information and mentoring to help students make decisions about future careers.

For detailed curriculum offerings from Years 10 to 12 as well as information on Higher Education Selection Subjects (HESS), University information, helpful resources, and the Personal Learning Plan, please get in touch.

Academic Results 2023

We congratulate our Year 12 students for their outstanding academic achievements.

2023 Year 12 Results


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