Senior School
(Year 10 - 12)

The final years of schooling consolidates the learning aspirations of our students in preparation for their future.

The transition to Senior School marks a period of new academic and social challenges. Each student is supported by a learning culture that understands the value of real-world skills as well as the importance of developing intellectual, physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual strengths.

Students are well prepared for their exciting futures, full of anticipation for the lives they will lead and inspired, challenged and empowered to achieve their goals.

At Pulteney, we also focus on developing an enterprising mindset, so that our students leave the school gates confident in their own interests and possessing the capacity to manage themselves in a highly complex world.

Graduates leave Pulteney with a distinctive education and an aptitude for pursuing their passions.

The end of formal schooling is the start of life as an adult and learning to stand on your own two feet. Students have a sense of self, know their own strengths, and are ready to embrace the potential life has to offer.

Rebecca Baker, Head of One Ninety

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