At Pulteney’s Early Learning Centre, our caring and qualified educators take a holistic approach to develop children’s social skills, intellectual independence, emotional security and spiritual and physical growth. Learning is fun and our ELC students cannot wait to begin their day.

ELC is the start of learning and discovery at Pulteney. Here, our youngest students get their hands dirty, activate their senses and experience the richness of life. We take young minds and mould them into creative, critical, ethical and divergent thinkers. With small class sizes, our teaching staff endeavour to know each child as a unique person.

Purpose built for young children, our ELC captures and extends the inquisitive nature of young children as they negotiate their learning journey in a safe and supportive environment.

Pulteney’s ELC is a place of adventure, growth and learning. Our educational philosophy, inspired by Reggio Emilia principles, is based on the whole child with a focus on play-based activities. The curriculum follows the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), which provides principles that ensure that your child is assisted to make progress towards their learning outcomes.

A strong emphasis is placed on play-based inquiry and the importance of communication, connection and language. Early literacy and numeracy are essential components in the support and enhancement of the children’s development.

Within our ELC we provide a program staffed by qualified teachers and co-educators during school terms. Alongside our core curriculum, specialist lessons are also included in the program, including Music, Art and nature walks.

Our ELC encourages wonder, self-confidence and a connection to the world, sparking curiosity in our 3 and 4 year old children.

We stand hand in hand with the child as a learner, to encourage them to perform to the best of their abilities, always evolving and learning as the process is never complete. We aim to awaken their wonder and nourish their own amazement and potential.

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Early Learning Centre

At the doorstep of our ELC is Pulteney’s award-winning Nature Play space. This space is a designated ELC learning environment during specific periods throughout the day.

Each ELC room is a flexible studio with easy access to our outdoor spaces, enabling educators to implement an indoor and outdoor flexible learning approach.

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Pulteney Playgroup (0 to age 3)

Pulteney’s Playgroup, run through Pulteney’s Early Learning Centre, supports families and their children to develop early learning skills in a play-based environment where children’s interests and ideas are valued and explored.

Held each Friday morning (during Term time), our Playgroup offers a fun, stimulating and informal environment for children and their parents to enjoy quality time together.

An experienced ELC teacher leads the program, guiding the children to develop and master new skills, learn about the world, encourage social interactions and create friendships, while parents and carers have the chance to share ideas and experiences.

Pulteney’s Playgroup is ideally suited for children aged 3 and under.

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We encourage you to book a tour of our warm and welcoming ELC, to meet the exceptional educators who will introduce your child to their schooling life.