Parents and Friends

Parents and Friends of Pulteney (P&F) has supported the school, in its various forms, for over 60 years. It continues to play an important role in the success of social events, raising funds for new facilities and maintaining a close school community. Working together, parents and teachers become invaluable support networks for students. The P&F encourages Pulteney families to attend events and get involved in any way they can. Family engagement is essential to a successful learning environment and it’s never too late to start building connections.

Pulteney appreciates the support of our wonderful families and understands the vital role they play in the success of the School. 

Parents who are involved in the school stay informed about its decision making and strategic direction. It is also a way to meet other parents and start new friendships.

Pulteney encourages parents to become active members of the community by nominating themselves as Parent Representatives, volunteering at events, raising funds for new facilities, assisting with travel, and donating their time and expertise at the School.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the P&F, please contact Pulteney. The P&F welcomes all volunteers in whatever capacity or time they have.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet so many different people from so many different realms and walks of life, across different points in their children’s schooling. It gives you the opportunity to forge some really lovely friendships with people you probably never would have had the opportunity to meet,” P&F President, Sue Loftes.


Become a Parent Representative

Being a Parent Representative is a great way to be actively involved in your child’ school life. You inevitably get to know the parents of their friends and enjoy taking part in many school and social events.

Parent Representatives play a key role supporting the class by volunteering their time, organising catch ups during holidays and supporting classroom activities.
Parent Representatives are encouraged to attend P&F meetings to provide feedback and participate in discussions. There are also opportunities to support the school with their major events, such as sports days and Founders Day.

If you would like to become a Parent Representative please contact

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Parents & Friends of Pulteney Committee

                                     Sue Loftes, President

Brenton Milewski, Secretary

April Millar, Treasurer

Niki Zhang, Committee Member

Wendy Tait, Committee Member

Kate Rowan, Committee Member

Katie Altamura, Committee Member


Sarah Wu, Committee Member

Sofia Dellis, Committee Member

Mark Bourchier, Committee Member

Meg Oates, Committee Member

Melody Caffin, Committee Member

Kass Woods, Committee Member

Lyn Heard, Committee Member



Kirsty Stewart, Committee Member