Parents and Friends

The Parents and Friends of Pulteney brings together parents from across the School to encourage friendship and involvement in School life.

A vital part of life at Pulteney

Parents are an essential part of the Pulteney Grammar School community. They contribute valuable expertise and energy toward our goals for student learning, while strengthening our community as a whole.

Members of the P&F communicate how much they value their child’s education and model the values of service and contribution that are important across the entire Pulteney community. 

P&F members can also choose to be involved in fundraising, which supports improvements across our facilities and resources.

Volunteers are always needed for different activities. If you would like to be involved, please contact the School and ask for the contact details of the Parents & Friends President.  

It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet so many different people from so many different realms and walks of life, across different points in their children’s schooling. It gives you the opportunity to forge some really lovely friendships with people you probably never would have had the opportunity to meet.

Sue Loftes, President

Upcoming P&F events

Details about welcome drinks at the commencement of the School year will be available in January 2022.

Social activities and support

Through the P&F, parents can take part in a wide range of activities including fundraisers, sports days, concerts, family picnics and the weekly ‘Quad Café’ at the School.

The P&F also assist with the Pulteney Ambassador Program, in which they welcome new families to the Pulteney community.

Parents & Friends of Pulteney Committee

  • Sue Loftes, President
  • Brenton Milewski, Secretary
  • Kathleen Karagiannis, Treasurer
  • Ali Blake, Public Officer
  • Lyn Heard, Committee Member
  • Tanya McNamara, Committee Member
  • Meg Oates, Committee Member
  • Carol Quelch, Committee Member
  • Nicole Santinon, Committee Member
  • Sarah Wu, Committee Member