Welcome to Pulteney Grammar School, where we embrace the opportunity to be a part of your child's educational journey.
As a school with a rich history, carved in South Australia’s educational landscape, Pulteney celebrates its heritage as an institution committed to academic excellence.

While honouring the traditions of our past, Pulteney is recognised for its innovative learning methods, partnerships, and entrepreneurial advancements and as a leader in modern approaches to education.

Our dedicated and passionate teachers are committed to providing the best possible outcomes for every student. They invest time and effort to understand the unique strengths and passions of each child, creating an individualised approach to learning that goes beyond the classroom.

Your school years shape not only future career success, but it is also a time where social connections are made, and one’s character takes form. At Pulteney, we value the responsibility of nurturing and guiding young people, understanding their strengths and talents, and assisting them to reach their potential.

Thank you for considering Pulteney for your child’s education.

Deb Dalwood
Interim Principal