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Discover more about life at Pulteney and what you can expect as a student.

What do Pulteney’s students think?


The sense of community, strong relationships and opportunities beyond the classroom – this is what you’ll hear when you ask students what they love about Pulteney.

And what else? A welcoming and friendly environment, diverse and inclusive culture, support of individual needs and interests, a sense of open mindedness and great teachers!

My name’s Zara, I have a passion for making jewellery and earrings. I’m interested in doing marine biology after School and all of my designs when I first started are coral reefs and marine animals.

Zara, Year 10 student and entrepreneur

Hi, I’m Ella. When I’ve finished a design…just standing back and looking at it is just one of the best feelings. I feel like I’ve created something that’s really beautiful.

Ella, Year 12 student and fashion designer

My name’s Liam, I’m 8 years old. I love bees….a lot! They like eating pollen but they don’t realise they’re pollinating. We can buy native flowers and buy honey from local bee keepers!

Liam, Year 2 student and bee advocate

I would love to be in the band of a musical as the bass player, touring. It’s really important working with other people…improvising in jazz is a way of communicating.”

Madi, Year 12 student and bass guitarist

I love to play tennis. I’ve been playing for around 5 years now and I’ve been able to harness the power of my passion for tennis…it makes you want to be a bigger role model; you have a lot of kids looking up to you. 

Brendan, Year 11 student and tennis player

My passion is photography, and I’ve been doing photography for about 3 years now. It’s the creative process and expression of individualism that inspires me.

Ethan, Year 12 student and photographer

I have a passion for design and architecture. I started design in the early years and continued right through until Year 12. In Year 12 design, I chose to design a child care centre. It’s nice to have a subject that’s a little bit different.

Rose, Year 12 2021 graduate and design enthusiast

Hi, I’m Bridie. I’ve always loved to perform. I believe that passion not only gives us purpose but it makes us feel purposeful and happy in the world.

Bridie, Year 12 2021 graduate and acrobat

Opportunities for you at Pulteney

Whether you’re a budding dancer, tennis ace, chess fanatic or avid rock climber, we encourage you to embrace all activities as an opportunity to expand your experiences and skills, and find new passions!


Ready for adventure? With incredible locations and experiences, you’ll have the opportunity to get away on camp and create awesome memories with friends. You’ll visit the best our State has to offer! Kangaroo Island, the Coorong and Victor Harbor, also interstate camps to Canberra and the Grampians!


Learning Mandarin, German or Japanese will be increasingly relevant as you move through an evolving global society. Overseas language trips happen annually too – cool!


Wicked, Mary Poppins and Matilda are a few of our school musicals!  You’ll love working as a collective with other students to showcase your dramatic, dance and musical talents, and also behind the scenes and technical aspects of production. 


Our drama program will take you on an imaginative exploration of developing your acting skills and understanding of the world of theatre. You’ll attend theatrical performances and perform at a range of venues!

Non-sport co-curricular activities

You will have access to dance and drama programs, art classes, chess, robotics, yoga and craft. Outdoor adventure include Venture Club, Conservation Corp and Experiential Learning that will take you to great heights with abseiling and rock climbing, bush walking as well as conservation and service trips to communities in countries such as Nepal and Cambodia!


You’lll be empowered with a broad curriculum in the sciences, mathematics, humanities, music, the arts and electives. You might also enjoy tourism, psychology, digital technologies, design, dance nutrition, outdoor education, media studies, business innovation, photography and multimedia or it might be Vocational Education and Training (VET) that you’re interested in pursuing.


We offer a number of scholarships each year, including for music and academic performance. There are criteria and steps to applying, so we recommend you Get in Touch if you want to learn more.

Elective subjects

A broad and exciting range of elective subjects allow you to deepen your knowledge in certain areas, broaden your interests and explore passions. Electives include Chinese, German and Japanese, digital creators, digital developers, drama, sound engineering, dance, 2D & 3D Art, design and photography.

What sports can I participate in at Pulteney?


You’ll have the opportunity to challenge yourself physically and achieve your personal bests at Pulteney! Co-curricular sport is not compulsory, but there are plenty to choose from – rowing, volleyball, basketball, AFL, netball, soccer, athletics, fencing, aikido, gymnastics and more.

Also, Inter-House sport competitions run throughout the year and you’ll also have the opportunity to represent the School and SA at state and national competitions!

Acceptance & Diversity

At Pulteney, you’ll experience a culture of acceptance and understanding. We strive to be an inclusive community, one in which all students, staff and families are treated with respect regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality or faith.

We not only celebrate diversity but value difference, because diverse viewpoints connect us to the lives and experiences of others, build our capacities for empathy and understanding and challenge our ideas about people and society.

Your new Campus

Along with excellent on-campus facilities, you’ll regularly interact with the City of Adelaide’s urban environment to extend classroom experiences.

Whether for study or downtime, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our comprehensive library and resource facility, a dedicated space for Years 7 to 12.

Robert Henshall Sport Centre
An activity hub, catering for a variety of sports and also open for your enjoyment during recess and lunch, there’s a gym available too!

Rory’s Tuck Shop
The on site tuck shop has an extensive menu on offer. Rory’s is open from 10am-11am and 2-3pm and accepts cash payments or tuck shop credit.

Health Centre
If you find yourself needing some assistance or advice, the Health Centre is staffed by nurses during the school day.

Just cross the footbridge and you have five ovals at your disposal.

Senior School
Imagine a modern warehouse advertising agency space with open plan areas for revolutionised learning. Students thrive in this inspiring active urban environment

Middle School
Designed in collaboration with our students, our Middle School building is an award-winner! Students experience a cutting-edge environment with innovative and flexible spaces for group tasks, projects, study and downtime.

Nicholls Performing Arts Centre
This outstanding environment offers students young and old an environment to discover, perform, express themselves through musical endeavours, theatrical performances or dance.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are exceptional and enthusiastic individuals who contribute to Pulteney’s dynamic and diverse community. Pulteney teachers will empower you whilst providing a safe and positive environment that fosters individuality.