Refurbishment of ‘The Factory’

Pulteney Grammar School’s ‘Factory’, as it is affectionately known, on Symonds Place will soon undergo significant refurbishment. These works will see the conversion of this space into a fit for purpose dance studio.

The next major renovation work for the campus, this project provides an opportunity for Pulteney to create an urban performance studio, fitted with sprung dance floor, which will almost inevitably be known as ‘The Dance Factory’.

Pulteney’s Performing Arts program has just been announced as the APATA Performing Arts School of the Year, and this exciting new project further establishes Pulteney’s credibility as a School for the arts and offers the chance for growth in a number of School programs.

Whilst dance is the primary purpose of the facility, the multi-purpose indoor floor space lends itself to the conduct of other floor-based recreational activities including gymnastics that are currently undertaken offsite.

For the broader community, the building affords the chance for a mixed-use music, dance and performance space catering to audiences of up to 250 people through the creation of flexible spaces that can be divided or combined for specific purpose.