Pulteney wins prestigious innovation award

The Educator invited Schools across Australia to participate in the publication’s 5-Star Innovative Schools awards. The award recognises Schools reshaping the future of education. From teaching approaches to learning spaces and curriculum design.
Pulteney is the recipient of the Educator’s 5 Star Innovation Award for 2023.
This is a testament to Pulteney’s ongoing commitment to innovation and contemporary pedagogy and teaching and learning. The School delivers teaching and learning approaches that develop learners’ foundational literacies and transversal skills, including quality thinking, metacognition and learner agency.
Recognition in these national awards provides an opportunity to showcase the progress made each year and to celebrate the people and collaboration at the centre of Pulteney’s daily operations.
A unique award-winning teaching and learning framework – The Learner Compass, provides a common language which students, teachers and parents use to communicate and share their understanding of quality teaching and learning at Pulteney Grammar School. The School believes that a strong emphasis on the development of complex capabilities will improve learning outcomes for all students to embrace new ways of thinking and adaptive capacity to enable learners to prosper now and for their futures.
Katherine Adnett, Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning said, the School’s partnerships with educational institutions extends its learning opportunities.
“We are proud that the School is at the forefront of educational innovation, through its innovative teaching and programs and partnerships. Our work to develop complex capability curriculum that supports the explicit teaching of critical and creative thinking complements our academic and wellbeing curriculum meaning that our students develop a deep understanding of how to transfer their knowledge, skills and understanding across multiple domains.”
The development of bespoke capability programs and frameworks to support students’ development in complex capabilities are a unique offering, informed by our partnerships with local and interstate universities which are now in their third year”.
Katherine said Pulteney’s exceptional learner compass is effective in navigating modern learning pathways.