2022 Student Leadership Team

Pulteney Grammar School is delighted to announce the 2022 Student Leadership Team. These leaders will serve during a significant time in our history as we celebrate our 175th year.

The quality of all who nominated for positions was outstanding. In effect, making the great privilege which is the selection process more demanding, but confirming the depth of talent and capabilities evident in those who have been appointed.

Our final announcement will be the School Captains and Vice-Captains, which will be revealed on the evening of Speech Night.

Congratulations to our newly appointed leaders, through your character, dedication and vision, may all of the students you represent and lead, prosper by our handiwork.

2022 Forum of Prefects:
Finn Boylen
Declan Clarke
Larissa Henshall
Lily Koch
Ruby de Broughe
Harry Oates
Lachlan Perry
Harrish Raju Deepa
Madison Schubert
Addison Schwartz
Joaquin Velasco
Fergus Whitelock

Bleby-Howard House Captains
Larissa Henshall
Gracie Smith
Fergus Whitelock

* In a unique year with a smaller cohort, Fergus and Larissa will serve both on the forum and as house captains

Cawthorne-Miller House Captains
Jemima Bell
Sarah de Jong
Pascal MacKenzie

Kennion-Miller House Captains
Laura Fitzpatrick
Tom Morgan
Henry Moseley

Moore-Sunter House Captains
Olivia Baker
Fraser Booth
Hudson Merchant