BYOD 2020

As educators we have known for quite some time that education is not a “one size fits all” approach. So why should that be any different in the device students use? After all we want to see students learning with the tool and approach that best works for them. From Year 6 at Pulteney Grammar, students bring their own Apple or Windows device to work with.

Students and teachers work across the Office 365 productivity suite as well as utilising platform specific programs which can output to a universal format such as PDF, Mp3 and Mp4.

The information contained on this page outlines the minimum hardware specifications for devices. 

We look forward to sharing your child’s learning journey. 

Choosing a device

Some people say that the device doesn’t matter and to some extent they are correct, as long as you have chosen the 'right' device for your child, their learning style and your family lifestyle. When you are deciding on the best device for your child to learn with, look beyond the brand or what is popular. There are three key considerations before making a decision.

Consideration 1

What device do you, as parents, have experience in using and managing? 
After all, you may need to assist your child with connecting this device to the home environment (WiFi, printing, media sharing, filters and monitoring).

Consideration 2

Which device is best for a child’s learning?

The era of digital ink!

We have seen the power of the PC and the pen come together, particularly in the Windows platform. Digital ink allows the user to write and draw directly onto their device, to take handwritten notes, to draw conceptual diagrams or indeed to annotate on top of documents, presentations and other learning resources. It has allowed more fluidity to appear in learning especially when one tries to capture an equation in Maths or Science, it is far easier to do it with a stylus and digital ink, than it is to punch it into a keyboard. Touch and pen enabled devices now work the way we want [more natural] rather than having us work the way the technology dictates.

We already have a number of teachers using digital ink in their teaching; to prepare learning material, to provide feedback to their students or to assess student work.

Whilst digital ink is available on the Windows platform, there is some variety in the digital pen that is provided by manufacturers, so it is worth trying them out at a retailer to see what feels comfortable for you.

At the time of writing Apple has yet to provide a touch or pen interface on their OSX range (MacBook Air / Pro), but hoping that their launch of their 2018 devices, does make inroads to incorporating this technology.

 As Sharon Oviatt writes, ‘new evidence reveals that certain types of technology actually create barriers to thinking, creating and problem-solving. While other types can enhance these same skills.’

There are a number of devices that are both touch and pen enabled, offering students an extra modality for capturing their learning, being creative and demonstrating their understanding as well as traditional keyboard and video technology that most devices carry.

Oviatt reports that [over the last decade] ‘when students solved science and math problems, performance improved significantly when they used a pen interface rather than a keyboard. Using the pen, they produced 56% more non-linguistic content (diagrams, symbols, numbers), which lead to 9-38% improvement in performance.’

Read more about this study here.

Consideration 3

Where to purchase?  

Parents are able to purchase both Windows and Apple devices, from retailers including JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks or Harvey Norman. If you do purchase from the Apple Store in Rundle Mall, please mention that Pulteney Grammar is a part of the Family Funded program.

Devices purchased outside the school usually offer a 12-month warranty; however, retailers frequently offer good deals.

Read more about our Specifications for Devices  which are reviewed October each year.

If you have any questions about this decision you can email us for support.