Year Level Camps

Camps continue from Prep School through Middle School with students visiting the following locations at each year level:

  • Year 7 - Kangaroo Island, early February
  • Year 8 - Hindmarsh Island/Coorong, mid February
  • Year 9 - Flinders Ranges, late May

Besides providing the opportunity for students to get to know their class mates and Home Group teacher and to forge new friendships, the goals for these camps are to:

  • Enhance self confidence and independence through overcoming personal challenge
  • Develop social and collaboration skills and team work through group challenges
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Provide an introduction to and development of general camping skills
  • Provide an important developmental step for the outdoor education program
  • Gain knowledge about Kangaroo Island
  • Gain an appreciation for our natural environment

In one ninety senior students attend camps in Year 10, but not Year 11 and 12.

In Year 10 students have the choice of the following four options, each with different activities:

  • Mt Arapilis - rockclimbing.
  • Southern Flinders Ranges - bushwalking and mountain bike-riding.
  • Coorong - kiyacking, sailing and surfing.
  • South East - adventure caving and surfing.

Please visit our Gallery pages on each year level to see what kind of camp activities the students enjoy.