Stella Healey

2018 Vice-Captain

Over my seven years at Pulteney, I have come to realise that the Pulteney community is an environment which makes you question your place in your world and the impact that each individual has on it.

I have found this to be most notable in the wide range of opportunities, people, subjects and ideas that students are exposed to everyday of their schooling life. The range of opportunities students are able to immerse themselves in and be a part of is huge; each have the ability to change student perceptions, whether through sporting teams, Conservation Corp, wellbeing committees, social justice groups, music ensembles, Reconciliation Action Plan groups, exponential learning programs or subjects. These are all opportunities that genuinely do change our lives, perceptions and beliefs and consequently the whole school community atmosphere and values.

Personally, one of the most valuable experiences at Pulteney was visiting Nepal as part of the Experiential Learning Program in 2016. Through spending two weeks completely immersed in another culture, I was able to develop a clearer understanding of myself and my position in the world, in a local and global context. Through the connections the school has developed over many years, students spent two weeks in the country with its people. This was evident as we spent time in classrooms, visited our buddies’ houses, learnt and performed traditional Nepalese dances and formed genuine relationships with children from rural communities, even while a language barrier was present. The Reconciliation Action Plan is another collaborative group of students and teachers which I feel very excited and passionate to be a part of. This group aims to enhance student learning outcomes on the culture and beliefs of Aboriginal Australian people as well as expose our community to current issues which are currently experienced by Aboriginal people on a local and national scale.

Our group has recently launched an action plan which outlines our school’s focus on committing to sustaining and being accountable for long-term reconciliation outcomes within our community. Through promoting shared respect and cultural understanding, our overarching aim is to create a community where all people seek to become active global citizens. These are just few examples of how I have found Pulteney to be a school that is forward thinking in the fact that local and global issues are at the forefront of student learning and exposure. At Pulteney, current issues are not hidden from, instead they are acknowledged, openly discussed and acted upon.