Old Scholars Scholarship

The W.R. Ray Scholarship and The POSA Scholarship are awarded to a student who is entering the school at Year 8 level or above and has a direct relative who is an old scholar of Pulteney Grammar School.

They are awarded confidentially and will offer up to a 50 per cent remission of fees.

Applicants provide a letter of application, references, reports and attend an interview with the Principal and the Director of Community Relations.

Continuation of the scholarship is contingent upon:

  • An annual review of the scholarship recipient’s progress by the Principal.
  • Maintaining academic levels to the satisfaction of the Head of School.
  • Commitment to the co-curricular life of Pulteney Grammar School (contribution to community service). 
  • A formal letter of continued support from the Pulteney Grammar School Principal following each annual review.

The Scholarships are only available to students not currently enrolled, and only one recipient of each Scholarship will attend the School at any one time.

Enquiries should be directed in the first instance to Mark Bourchier, Director of Community Relations.

Contact: 08 8216 5504 or email