Instrumental Music

Available Instruments:
Woodwind - Flute, Clarinet & Saxophone (Oboe and Bassoon also available upon request.)
Brass - Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Tuba & Euphonium
Strings - Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass & Classical Guitar
Rhythm Section - Percussion, Drums, Electric Bass, Piano, Modern Guitar
Voice - Male & Female

Appropriate Instrument Choices

The best choice of instrument is one which is age appropriate (for younger children) and suited to them physically or with respect to ability.

Often a child’s desire to learn a particular instrument may not be the right choice for them physically or for various reasons.

Through experience and for reasons of resourcing there are some limitations to some instruments.

Guitar - is supported by the school, but with restrictions to be able to resource properly.


  • Beginners start on Classical Guitar, to be able to learn reading and technique on an instrument with nylon strings.

  • Modern Guitar students must be of a sufficient standard prior to having lessons within the school program.

Voice - Is not pedagogically appropriate for most students to learn voice below Year 4.

Many instruments are inappropriate for children of Kurrajong. For advice on what is best to choose, please speak to LAL PA Jonathon Rice.

It is important for parents to note that supplementing tuition and practice with ensemble work is a great opportunity for practice, improvment and success. As part of the tuition cost we provide ensembles to further your child’s learning. We recommend, at the earliest opportunity, students join at least one of the many school ensembles appropriate to their instrument and level.

Complementary Ensembles included:

(Recommended but not always exclusive for):

Training/Prep Band - Brass, Woodwind, some Rhythm Section

Training Strings - Orchestral String

Training Percussion - Drums, Percussion, Piano

Training Guitar - Classical Guitar

Training Drum Corps - Drums, Percussion, Piano

Prep School Choirs - Voice, Piano

Concert Band - Woodwind, Brass and Rhythm Section

Stage Band - Saxophone, Brass & Rhythm Section

Senior String Ensemble - Orchestral Strings

Senior Guitar Ensemble - Guitar

Senior Percussion Ensemble - Drums, Percussion & Piano

Grammarphones choir - Voice, Piano, Guitar

Performance Drum Corps - Drums, Percussion & Piano

Jazz on the Terrace choir - Voice, Piano, Guitar