Curriculum Music

  • Music is an integral part of the school’s curriculum from Reception to Year 8.

  • Year 8 has general music for one semester.

  • Year 9 & 10 have the choice of a full year or a single semester of elective music.

  • Stage 1 Music (advanced) must be taken in Year 11, as well as the opportunity of Stage 2 Music subjects for both Year 11 and 12.
    -If students are of a sufficient standard on their instrument it is possible, with negotiation, to take one or two of a number of off-line Stage 2 subjects while in Year 11.
    -Stage 2 subjects include:
    • Solo Performance
    • Ensemble Performance
    • Composing and Arranging
    • Musicianship
    • Musical Styles
    • Music Technology
    • Performance Special Study
    • Music Individual Study
  • It is an expectation for those students choosing music from Year 9 to 12, that they:
    Are learning an instrument/voice.
    -This may be done within the school or externally.
    -For choices of instrument, it is best to consult the Head of Performing Arts, as poor choice can be a hindrance to success.
    Are participating in a school ensemble.
    -Participation in an ensemble from Year 9 to 11 is an assessed component of the subject.
  • School reports for Middle and Senior Music will include:
    -Subject components of:
    • Musicianship/Composition
    • Music appreciation/analysis
    • Performance
    • Ensemble

-Instrumental reports from their instrumental teacher, if learning within the school program.

The above expectations are in place to ensure the greatest opportunity of success for all students, while maintaining skill development for the range of possible subject choices for Stage 2 Music.