Why Co-ed?



At Pulteney Grammar School, we inspire learning in an environment that not only reflects real-world communities, but reinforces values of inclusiveness, diversity, harmony and equal opportunity. We believe that coeducation is the best way to prepare girls and boys for the world in which they live.


In 2019, Pulteney was thrilled to celebrate 20 successful years since the reintroduction of co-education at the School. Today, in addition to the global research, we know from our own experience how hugely important and beneficial a mixed gender framework is for girls and boys alike.


Here’s why:

At Pulteney Grammar School, we offer a learning environment that is engaging and academically enriching for girls and boys, from our Early Learning Centre right through to Year 12. As a coeducational school, we believe it’s important for girls and boys of all ages to both play and grow together in a safe, supportive environment where they learn from one another.

Our School believes that a coeducational setting better reflects the diversity of society, and importantly, when gender integration occurs from a young age, when those early attitudes and perceptions are being shaped and formed, students come to understand and develop appropriate, respectful value systems.

There is much to be gained from having young people of both genders learning side-by-side over a sustained and extended period. By learning together, girls and boys cooperate and collaborate in ways that enable them to embrace and celebrate their differences, as well as their similarities.

Our students tell us that for them, one of the most important aspects of coeducation is that it normalises friendships between genders and from the School’s perspective, this diversity of friendships improves student wellbeing, a factor that is essential for academic success and on any given day at Pulteney Grammar School, you will see girls and boys interact with one another as contemporaries in aspects of everyday school life.

Our teachers recognise that each student – male or female – is a unique individual. Within each sub-school, Pulteney creates an environment where students, no matter their gender, feel comfortable and confident to express themselves and are encouraged to actively participate in all facets of school life.

A coeducational setting also provides young people with strong female and male role models. At Pulteney, opportunities are provided for girls and boys, from Reception to Year 12, to embrace leadership positions across all areas of learning – from the classroom, to Sport to Performing Arts – providing the foundations upon which respectful and enduring social and professional relationships are fostered.

For the past two decades, the School has carefully cultivated this sense of intentional balance. We can proudly say that in 2020, Pulteney Grammar School is truly a place where city meets school, and where young women and men develop a strong sense of agency, so that they are motivated and equipped to have a positive impact on their community.

Through their formative years, girls and boys learn not just about curriculum. They spend almost 15 years of their schooling learning about themselves, learning who they are. As educators, our role is to help young people find that sense of self so that they make an impact on the world, now and beyond the school gates, where the traits of tolerance, respect, initiative, service, resilience and cooperation are as valuable as academic knowledge and skills.