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Daily COVID-19 student case numbers

Please see below the COVID-19 student case numbers for today

17 May 2022
Year level Number of new positive COVID-19 cases at Pulteney
Reception 0
Year 1 0
Year 2 1
Year 3 1
Year 4 0
Year 5 0
Year 6 0
Year 7 1
Year 8 0
Year 9 1
Year 10 0
Year 11 0
Year 12 0

From 30 March 2022, individual classroom contact email notifications will no longer be sent to families. Instead, a daily update of new infections will be made accessible through this section of the Parent Portal, where reported case numbers will be recorded in year levels. This update will be provided by approximately 3.00pm each weekday. Parents are encouraged to regularly visit the Parent Portal for updates. This is in response to the significant increase in the number of close classroom contact notifications across schools in South Australia and a subsequent review of the notification process has been made in consort with SA Health.

Advice received is that students in year levels where cases have been recorded should be treated as a classroom contact. In accordance with SA Health guidelines, classroom contacts without symptoms are encouraged to attend school.

It remains important and consistent with broader advice that any student displaying COVID-19 symptoms (even mild) undertake a test for infection and refrain from attending school until a negative result is received. A reminder that symptoms include: fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, loss of smell/taste, muscle/joint pain, diarrhoea, nausea/vomiting or extreme tiredness.

Notification if your child tests positive

Should your child test positive to COVID–19, please follow SA Health advice and notify the School via the online absentee form, e-mail absentees@pulteney.sa.edu.au, or via telephone on 8216 5555.

Principal’s Term 2 welcome back video

Click below to view Principal Cameron Bacholer’s welcome back to Term 2 (2022) and 175th anniversary video message.

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View the transcript below: 

The Right Reverend Bishop Denise Ferguson; Mr Allen Candy, Cahir of the Board of Governors at Pulteney Grammar School; Members of the Board of Governors; School Captains, Addison Schwartz and Harry Oates; Staff; Old Scholars and Students, welcome to this our 175th Anniversary Founders’ Day assembly.

175 years ago, In 1847 Pulteney Grammar School was a hope.

175 years later, in 2022, I ask you what is Pulteney Grammar School now?

We are an eclectic people.

We converge on this school site, each day of term, from every corner of Adelaide. We do so for our own reasons but fundamentally we do so for the same reason: to belong and be part of something greater than ourselves.  In this we create culture; a culture that is lived and experienced through each conversation, each stroke of a pen or key, and each step taken. It is a culture that shapes us and to which we contribute with each and every of our thoughts, words and deeds. It is a culture to which we owe our allegiance and our respect; for, in the eyes of those beyond the school gate: we are this school.

And so each day, here it is we travel, where generations have come before, wearing a crest that has been worn for over one hundred and twenty of those 175 years, colours that have been worn across three centuries, defining a part of ourselves by the word ‘Pulteney’. A word drawn from a street, a few hundred metres east of here, that was the first name of an Englishman who never visited South Australia and quite likely never knew of this street or indeed this school. So I ask once more: What is Pulteney Grammar School?

Each day, we gather and we read, we write, we sing, we dance; we kick, we throw, we jump, we fall; we walk, we sit, we laugh and we talk. Each day we learn, we share, we grow a little bit; just a little bit, but enough so that when we return the following day, we do so from a different place. A place a step, an idea closer to the intangible idea of ‘who we are’ or ‘who we wish to become.’

Each day, we try. Some days we succeed. And some days we fail. And each time we succeed we are proud and each day we fail we are pensive. And we reflect on why we did not succeed. And the next day? We try again.

And this cycle goes on. Day to day, week to week, month to month. Repeated, over and over again. And each time it repeats itself we take another step, a step that inches us forward yet again to that intangible idea of ‘who we are’ or ‘who we wish to become’.

In this timeless and continuous cycle the hope that gave birth to The Pulteney Street Schools in 1847 has prospered into the life of the School that is Pulteney Grammar School in 2022. We have, are, and always will be an eclectic people who, for 175 years have each and every day gathered in each others’ company to be part of something greater than ourselves. This is our history; our lifeblood; our future.

So happy 175th birthday Pulteney and thank you. Thank you for welcoming me each day. Thank you for sheltering me when I need shelter; for pushing me when I need a nudge. Thank you for nurturing me, for challenging me, for caring for me: thank you for helping me to be a better version of me, each and every day.

O prosper thou our handiwork.

Cameron Bacholer


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