At Pulteney, student wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. Whilst we are proud of our long and distinguished reputation of academic excellence, we also recognise and act on an understanding that student wellbeing is critical to learning.

At the heart of student wellbeing lies the development and sustainability of positive relationships. Pulteney staff are committed to understanding the needs of young people and to nurture a genuine sense of care, not only for each other, but as people who will be equipped to face life’s challenges and make a positive contribution in the world.

We do this by ensuring that each young person has key responsible adults who they see regularly, and who takes time to understand each child’s journey. It is in the usual day-to-day interactions with staff and with one another that true care and concern for the individual is nourished and can thrive. The School has developed the “Pulteney Attributes of Wellbeing’, which recognises the development of the whole person. It provides a range of specialist lessons and experiences that are student-centred, age-appropriate pastoral care programs, which focus on the seven attributes of wellbeing and are fundamental in supporting student development.

Steven McCulloch (Head of Student Wellbeing)

Pulteney offers its students and their families a range of wellbeing services, delivered by a highly qualified and experienced team. Whilst all staff at Pulteney are committed to the wellbeing of the community (Pulteney Grammar Learning and Performance Culture); the School has dedicated wellbeing service delivery staff who ensure our service to students and families is proactive, responsive and collaborative (Pulteney Grammar Learning and Performance Culture).

Students are able to access counsellors any time of the week, as are families.

Chris Clements - School Psychologist

As the School’s Psychologist, Chris works collaboratively across departments within the school, as well as with parents, teachers and other professionals, to promote the learning and emotional wellbeing of our students.

During a consultation, Chris will collaborate with students, teachers and parents to identify learning, social and behavioural concerns the student may be experiencing. Individualised strategies are established to enable students to work through any concerns or difficulties that they may be experiencing, and to support parents and teachers in achieving a better outcome for the student. Chris works actively with all students and aims to equip students with a variety of psychological-based strategies they can implement, both in and out of the classroom, to ensure their wellbeing is maintained.

Rev Tracey Gracey - School Chaplain

Tracey has been in ordained ministry for 13 years. During this time; she has worked in children’s and family ministry, youth ministry, parish ministry, school and hospital chaplaincy, undertaken a spiritual director’s course and held Diocesan leadership roles mainly in the area of church growth and fresh expressions of church.

Her main role at Pulteney will be to work with classes and to provide relevant and engaging Chapel services from ELC to Year 12. Chapel services will be an opportunity for our students to not only learn about the Christian faith and the life of Jesus but to apply the Christian values and call to serve in our current world today.

Tracey believes that the way we grow in our faith is to be open to the mystery of God, to question and search for answers that bring renewal and wholeness. She has an open-door policy and is looking forward to working with a team of people to implement a new community service program where different year levels will learn and engage with a service or charity to become more aware of the needs for local and global social service, support and action.

Esra Herdem – School Counsellor

Esra is an experienced School Counsellor and has over 9 years’ experience in school settings working with students and families and managing complex cases in schools and disability centre. Esra holds a Bachelor of Counselling, a Master of Counselling, a Diploma of case management and a Master of Social Work.

Esra believes every young people experiencing distress or who have an at-risk mental state have a right to access timely, compassionate, high quality support including assessments appropriate to their needs, intensive support with social issues, and professionals who have a strong value of hope. Esra feels it is very meaningful to walk alongside young people on their education journeys towards improved wellbeing, as well as providing family and carer support and psychoeducation.

Esra feels passionate about working across ELC to Year 12 to assist students and their families to realise their full potential through learning and to promote their wellbeing. She offers individual and group counselling to students regarding to their development needs. Also, Esra develops and implements a range of preventive and early intervention wellbeing programmes to promote young people’s wellbeing on healthy life skills, eating disorders, anger management, conflict resolution, coping with stress, anxiety and depression, relationship difficulties, self-harming, suicide prevention, resilience and mindfulness. She works collaboratively with the other professionals like teachers, GP, psychologists and psychiatrists while facilitating case management in order to obtain best outcomes for young people and their families.

School Counsellor

Annecke has a passion for working with young people and cares deeply about their wellbeing. She has undertaken extensive research on the neurological and biological development of the adolescent brain and how it impacts on behaviour.

Through counselling and coaching, Annecke assists adolescents and their parents on the sometimes-challenging journey into adulthood. She has also presented a series of workshops called “Inside the mind of a Teenager”, where the biological basis of teenage behaviour is explored and explained in a clear and logical way, to support everyone involved in this process.

As a Counsellor at Pulteney, Annecke considers it to be a great honour to work with students and have the opportunity to help them reach their full potential and to become the best version of themselves.

Annecke is continually involved in research regarding the process of learning, brain development and how the educational system can be appropriately applied in order to support the learning process. In addition, she has a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology); Diploma in Higher Education; Diploma in Counselling as well as a Diploma in Life Coaching. She has enjoyed former roles as Director of Teaching and Learning and Head of Senior School, gaining extensive experience in working with middle and senior school students in terms of counselling and mentoring as well as the development of programs for disengaged students.

Health Centre

School Nurse - Sharon Bowering

Pulteney Grammar School provides an on-site Health Centre staffed by Registered Nurses. The Health Centre has a waiting area, treatment room, bedroom, quiet room, First Aid supplies and emergency equipment, including oxygen and defibrillator.

School nurses have the unique opportunity of combining the disciplines of health - Nursing and Education, and Pulteney’s School Nurses believe that health promotion and health education empower students to obtain their own optimal holistic health.

The Health Centre caters for a variety of needs, from management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, to care in acute illness, injury, or wellbeing support. Students and staff are also supported with the provision of medical information and First Aid supplies as they attend co-curricular activities e.g. camps, excursion, sporting events.

As part of the wellbeing team at Pulteney, the Health Centre is able to support and care for students from the ages of 3 to 18 years, ensuring comprehensive and developmentally age-appropriate care is provided during the school day and when liaising with primary and tertiary health care providers.

Our school nurses bring diverse and complimentary skill sets to the care they provide daily.
Sharon has experience working in paediatrics and adolescent health in a range of settings, including work during the school holiday periods at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, ensuring she continues to provide current and evidence-based nursing practice. Her post graduate qualifications are in community nursing (Public Health) and Mental Health Nursing.

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