Pulteney employs a wellbeing team that offer pastoral, wellbeing, counselling and pyschology support to students. The well-being team works together to coordinate the curriculum, activities and events each year that provide support to students. This team also arrange for guest speakers on different topics to visit and address students via workshops and also provide information evenings from these industry experts to parents. Guest speakers have included:

  • Danielle Miller - "The Butterfly Effect", a program for girls' self esteem
  • Paul Dillon - Drug & alcohol education
  • Michael Carr Gregg - Raising children/teenagers
  • Susan McLean - Cyber Safety
  • Mark Le Messurier - Building emotional resilience & better behaviours

The Wellbeing Team includes:

Michelle Roesler - School Psychologist

Michelle is skilled in developing wellness programs, having undertaken this for both South Australian Government and private enterprise. She has also developed courses in early intervention for Bullying with the Federal Government.

She has a PhD in Psychology and her research explored positive coping patterns in response to a traumatic event. Subsequently she has developed many programs in this area.

She has also been Course Convenor and currently Lectures at Griffith University (Queensland) in the area of Personality and Individual Differences. This program is designed to teach future Psychologists to identify, understand and embrace individual differences in others, and to not overly pathologize such differences.

Both Chris and Michelle continually review the relevant and emerging literature in the field of wellbeing.They are also skilled in Psychological Assessment.

Chris Clements - School Psychologist

As the School Psychologist I work collaboratively with teams within the school, parents, teachers and other professionals, to promote the learning and emotional well-being of our students. Students are able to access counsellors any time of the week as are teachers and families. During consultations, I will collaborate with students, teachers and parents to identify learning, social and behavioral problems the student may be experiencing. Individualised strategies are established to enable students to work through their concerns or difficulties and to support parents and teachers in achieving a better outcome for the student. I work actively with all students and aim to equip them with a variety of psychological based strategies that they can implement, both in and out of the classroom, to ensure their well-being is maintained.

Chris and Michelle

As Psychologists, we are committed to enhancing the health and wellbeing of all members of the school community. We consult collaboratively to accommodate the needs of parents, families and individual students. We are passionate about ensuring people become equipped with the skills to take personal control for their overall wellbeing and to develop positive strategies to be used throughout their life.

We are also both Educators and therefore understand the unique needs of students.

Michael Lane - School Chaplain

An important part of my role as Chaplain is being a caring presence for every member of our school Community – students, staff, family members, old scholars and friends. We are here to walk with people, sharing the journey wherever it may lead. We offer a safe, informal, non-judgmental space where people can talk and vent, take time out, and find support. In situations where psychological counselling may be of benefit, we may refer people to our School Psychologist, Counsellor or to an external counselling service, while continuing as companions on the journey for as long as our presence is desired. The support we offer is for any circumstances, not just spiritual issues.

Another part of our role is supporting wellbeing though Christian spiritual development. We collaborate with teachers and students to provide regular Chapel services and a number of special services throughout the year, and we also run courses to help prepare those who wish to be baptised, admitted to Communion or confirmed.

As an ordained minister, we are also available to make hospital visits or minister to the dying, and to provide pastoral services such as baptisms, weddings, special blessings (eg house blessings), confession and absolution or funerals. 

Here is a list of useful links for students and parents: