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one ninety  Curriculum Offerings

Download for list of curriculum offerings from Years 10 to 12 as well as information on Higher Education Selection Subjects (HESS), University information, helpful resources and the Personal Learning Plan.

Specific subject information:

Year 10 Curriculum Guide

Year 11 Curriculum Guide

Year 12 Curriculum Guide

South Australian Certificate of Education at Pulteney Grammar School

At Pulteney Grammar School, we pride ourselves on preparing young men and women for a future of their choosing. We recognise each student for their individual strengths and deliver personalised learning programs that enhance opportunities for engagement and success.

Our teaching staff are inspired by the belief that our students will leave Pulteney with a vision of an ever-expanding world, who are sensitive to its problems whilst remaining alert to its opportunities. We are confident that our graduates will be able to use what they have learned with us, to be innovative and creative in their thinking and caring in their dealings with others. Our desire is to see these young men and women become wise adaptors and initiators in their chosen fields.  

With this philosophy underpinning all that we do, and as a city-based school, Pulteney is an accomplished deliverer of the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) curriculum for its senior secondary students. Our decision to deliver the SACE curriculum is a deliberate and well considered one, based on SACE’s distinguished reputation as an internationally recognised qualification that is not only accepted but respected by major global universities. At Pulteney, we seek to inspire, challenge and empower all students to develop their individual talents and passions;the SACE provides a relevant and engaging education that also places students at the centre of their own learning.

It is our firm belief that 21st Century teaching and learning requires the curriculum to be ingrained in context, provide relevant connections and help to equip students with a contemporary skillset. The SACE provides this opportunity, giving students the chance to explore their many and varied interests and passions, with a comprehensive and balanced curriculum across a broad range of subjects. Students are therefore not limited by prescriptive subject groupings and can instead specialise in areas of genuine curiosity and relevance.

Pulteney’s one ninety  teaching staff are invested in the delivery, development and growth of the SACE. In addition to being highly experienced specialists, one ninety  teachers are actively involved as SACE examiners, markers, subject moderators and curriculum writers. Thus, the Pulteney Grammar School community can feel confident that students are receiving the best possible education and delivery of curriculum.

Rebecca Baker

Head of one ninety