General Information

Duty of Care of students – Before School

A supervised Before School Care Service operates from 7:30am each morning to assist families who are unable to wait and take their child up to class. The Before School Care Service can be contacted on 82165545. There is no other supervision in the mornings until your child enters their classroom. Older siblings are allowed to wait and accompany their younger sibling to class.

After School Routine Policy

Students are to be collected from the Kurrajong courtyard or from the gates on South Terrace where a teacher is on duty from 3.20 pm until 3.40 pm.

Students who are still waiting at the gate at 3.40 pm will be taken to After School Care and must be collected from there.

It is important for you to be punctual as children are often upset by lateness.  If you are running late, please telephone the school on 8216 5570 so that we are able to assure your child of your safety, and to ensure the safety of your child.

Please inform your child's teacher if someone other than you will be collecting your child on any nominated day. 

Please note:  Children must not play on the play equipment after school.


If your child is unwell or will not be attending school for other reasons, please telephone and leave a message with the Kurrajong Secretary, Kiri Marshall on 8216 5570 after 8.15 am.

Sign In/Out Sheet Book

If you arrive with your child later than 9am please visit the Kurrajong office to sign your child in. Also, if you are picking your child up for an appointment you will need to sign your child out.

Behaviour Management Policy

Each class sets a small number of classroom rules together in a democratic fashion which are in place to ensure a harmonious learning environment and the safety of your child.

Naturally, parents will be informed of appropriate as well as inappropriate behaviour. 
If a child reaches certain steps of the Kurrajong Behaviour Guide for inappropriate behaviour, parents will be involved in collaboratively forming a positive action plan with the child and the teacher. We also have playground rules, which are outlined at the beginning of each year in assembly.

Everyone has the right to feel safe and happy while at school. Any form of harassment is abhorrent and unacceptable. The school is committed to minimising it. Pulteney has an anti bullying and harassment policy and this is accessible on the school website.

Birthday Party Invitation Policy

We ask that you post birthday invitations to children at their homes rather than giving them out at school, an uninvited child can be distressed by this experience. The Buzz Book is distributed at the start of the school year with a list of contact details of families that have consented to be included.


Students are assessed on an ongoing basis and all teachers have an open-door communication policy. The school and the home can communicate in many ways and throughout the year you will have the opportunity to discuss your child's progress at formal and informal meetings.

Should you wish to discuss any issue regarding your child's development, please make an appointment with the teacher and/or Head of Kurrajong out of school hours.


Children will see quality performances from visiting artists as well as going on excursions to complement classroom themes.

Hair Policy

Girls: Must be neatly and conventionally styled, and retain its natural colour. Long hair must be tied back with a navy blue ribbon or "scrunchie". |

Boys: Must be neatly and conventionally styled, remain its natural colour and be of reasonable length.

Hot Weather Policy

If the weather forecast for the day is 37 degrees or more, children may be collected from their classrooms at 12.45 pm.


A class note called the Class Newsletter will be sent home in week 1, 5 and 10 on a Friday to outline what the children have been doing at school and will include any pertinent notices for the weeks ahead.  The Pulteney Review Weekly is a weekly whole school newsletter that you will receive each Wednesday by email or it can be viewed on the school website.

Out Of Hours School Care

Before School Care – this service is available between 7.30 and 8.20am each school day.

After School Care is available from 3.20 pm to 6.00 pm each school day.

Vacation Care operates Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm during school holiday periods.


Formal assessments take place on a term basis in the following forms:


Term 2 - Wk 2/3 — Parent/Teacher Interviews 

Term 3 - Wk 8/9 — Parent/Teacher Interviews


Term 1 - Wk 8/9 — Student led conferences 

Term 2 - Wk 10 — Written reports 

Term 3 - Wk 8/9 — Student led conferences 

Term 4 - Wk 9 — Written reports

Sun Protection Policy

Students are required to wear hats to and from school and during playtimes as we encourage all students to protect themselves from the harmful effects of UV exposure.

In Term 1 and Term 4 during outdoor play times Kurrajong students follow a "WEAR A HAT TO PLAY" policy.

The School Day

ELC: ELC is an approved Long Day Care Provider open 7.30-6pm 50 weeks a year.

R - 2:
from 8.40 am to 3.20 pm.
8.20 am — Classrooms are open for children to organise tuck orders, home reading folders and other morning jobs. Please encourage your child to carry out these tasks independently.

8.40 am — School Commences. Roll call takes place

10.40 am — Recess - eating time

10.45 am — Recess - play time

11.10 am — Classes resume

12.40 pm — Lunch - eating time

12.50 pm — Lunch - play time

1.30 pm — Classes resume

3.20 pm — Students dismissed from classrooms

Toy Policy

We discourage children from bringing special toys/items to school as it causes great distress when they are lost or broken.  Toy guns and other toy weapons are not permitted at the school.

Tuck Shop

Children are able to order their recess and/or lunch from the Tuck Shop. 
A Tuck Shop Online Service is available. Please click here for more details.

Parent Participation

At Pulteney, we believe that a child's overall development is best achieved when parents, children and teachers work together in harmony and close cooperation. In this way, your child will develop socially, intellectually, physically and emotionally in a warm and caring environment.

You will be welcome in your child's classroom and we encourage you to contribute and share in your child's education and we hope that you will be able to make time to participate in School activities. 

Outlined below are a few ways in which you can become involved in the Pulteney community.

Parents/caregivers who wish to volunteer their time in assisting on excursions or being a LAP volunteer, will need to complete a police check and volunteer form. Forms are available from the Kurrajong office.

Police checks last for 3 years, therefore if you already have a police clearance for LAP or in your workplace please bring in a copy to the Kurrajong office for our records.

We value parents/caregivers and the wonderful support you offer to our classrooms and curriculum through volunteer work. We aim to continue this important link from home to school by ensuring a safe and secure school environment.


Parents are invited to assist in the Library. If you are able to offer any time please see the Junior School Librarians, or your child’s class teacher.


Each class needs a class representative to assist with organising of social events such as picnics, class dinners etc, and this representative will be required to attend a Parents and Friends meeting each term.


Each teacher will involve parents in the education of their children in slightly different ways. For example, some may involve parents in Mathematics groups, excursions, as guest speakers, sewing, organising special lunches, gardening and so on.