ELC Handbook


Kurrajong is an Early Childhood Education Centre that caters for boys and girls aged 3 to 8 years. It is named after the historic tree situated in the playground and was founded in Pulteney Grammar School’s 150th year of operation.

Kurrajong has high quality teaching staff who are specially trained to observe and respond to a young child’s interests and developmental needs.

Programs are based on the whole child - aiming to meet the diverse individual needs by assisting children to develop social skills, intellectual independence, emotional security, spiritual and physical growth. Kurrajong sees a child’s self-esteem as the seed for growth, and Pulteney’s environment will be conducive to developing this. We believe a child’s self-esteem is at the core of all learning. It enables a child to take the necessary risks with learning and therefore develop and grow as a person in all areas.

We share the responsibility with families to provide a climate in which children can learn about living with others and extend their understanding of themselves and the world around them, in addition to acquiring the foundation skills that our society demands.

It is our belief, that in the technological age in which we live, there is a distinct and necessary requirement to foster the social and emotional wellbeing of children now more than ever before. Children’s exposure to a diverse range of social situations leads to a greater proficiency in literacy. We believe that we can do this best in a co-educational environment and see Kurrajong as an ideal preparation for the life-long education of boys and girls. We view the early years as one of the most vital times in life. Early Childhood Education is important in its own right and is the time when children gain the essential skills, knowledge and dispositions critical for success at school and later in life.

Head of Kurrajong

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