Isabel Tynan

2018 Co-Captain

Upon my arrival in Year 8, I found to be warmly welcomed by all members of the Pulteney community, who radiated a sense of belonging to my ever-so-nervous self through my transition. The constant support and respect from students, staff and Old Scholar’s is a testament to the school’s values, especially when overcoming challenges.

My learning and education at Pulteney has undoubtedly extended far beyond the classroom, as I have fortunately partaken in the Nepal Service Learning Program, in addition to a variety of co-curricular sports such as girls’ soccer, softball, netball, cricket and football. The day of Intercol (now known as Collegiate Cup), was most certainly one of my highlights of the past year; a day full of excitement, yet also nerves. The determination from the girls’ football team was driven by the dense crowd of Pulteney community that had come to support us - which is one of the reasons why I believe I am so lucky to go to such an enlightening school. The camaraderie and sportsmanship seen on the field, not only for that day, but for all of the games played, is what truly makes me proud to be a Pulteney student. No matter if students are involved in music, sport, drama, or academics, I’m sure everyone can share moments much like this one, where success is earned by effort, not granted by a title.

The knowledge and experiences that I have adopted through the diverse opportunities that we have here, have provided me with skills and attributes that stand beneficial not only in the present, but far into my future. Within these opportunities I cannot express the extent to which the teachers at Pulteney go to in order to help the students in all capacities, I genuinely will never be more thankful for such understanding people. Since my time at Pulteney is concluding, I would like to express immense gratitude for the friendships I have made during my journey, which have influenced and aided me in my growth as a person, more so than I could have ever imagined.

Throughout my time at Pulteney, I have seen past captains come and go, and I have realised that not only were they great leaders but had a common goal to serve the school through promoting, maintaining, and improving the already existing morals we hold. I hope to continue this sense of purpose to help Pulteney flourish within itself and the esteemed community that we take pride in.