Isaac De Donatis

2018 Vice-Captain

I began my Pulteney journey in Year 10 and although I was frightened by my new environment, I was ushered into the community with open arms and friendly faces of which I am still thankful for today. The inclusivity and sociability of the Pulteney staff and students is a true indication of the kind of atmosphere the community has strived to create at Pulteney.

Unhappy with my previous schooling, I took the nervous step of moving schools in Year 10 and one of the reasons I gravitated towards Pulteney was because of the opportunities available. The first of which was the J.A Mackinnon Scholarship, which I was lucky enough to receive upon my arrival at Pulteney. I also took up the opportunity to play for the First XI soccer team under the guidance of experienced players and coaches. Being able to represent my school at the age of 15 in a senior team enabled me to mature as a young man.

I truly feel blessed to be able to call Pulteney my home but aside from my time at school, I am an avid soccer fan and when I’m not playing it, I am often waking up at 3am in the holidays to watch my favourite team play. While I show love, passion and commitment for soccer, I believe these qualities are incredibly important in all facets of life and I intend on putting them to full use this year in my role as Vice-Captain.

Although my friends and family will tell you that I consistently find any opportunity to crack a joke, I can recognise when time comes to put my head down and get something done. This is an attitude I am looking forward to demonstrating this year when I try to leave my mark and give back to the school that in a short time, has managed to give me so much.