2018 Student Leaders

Meet our 2018 Student Leaders

Tom Rundle web

Thomas Rundle, 2018 Co-Captain

My name is Tom Rundle, and I’m privileged to be a School Captain at Pulteney for 2018.

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Isabel Tynan web

Isabel Tynan, 2018 Co-Captain

Upon my arrival in Year 8, I found to be warmly welcomed by all members of the Pulteney community, who radiated a sense of belonging to my ever-so-nervous self through my transition. The constant support and respect from students, staff and Old Scholar’s is a testament to the school’s values, especially when overcoming challenges. 

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Isaac De Donatis web

Isaac De Donatis, 2018 Vice-Captain

I began my Pulteney journey in Year 10 and although I was frightened by my new environment, I was ushered into the community with open arms and friendly faces of which I am still thankful for today. The inclusivity and sociability of the Pulteney staff and students is a true indication of the kind of atmosphere the community has strived to create at Pulteney.  

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Stella Healey web 

Stella Healy, 2018 Vice-Captain

Over my seven years at Pulteney, I have come to realise that the Pulteney community is an environment which makes you question your place in your world and the impact that each individual has on it. 

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