Jake Losasso

2019 Vice-Captain

To start with, I would like to share some facts about myself: 
• In my spare time I am usually watching movies or TV or reading a book
• My favourite movie of all time is Coraline
• My favourite subjects are Media Studies, English and Japanese.

I began at Pulteney in Year 10 and initially found the transition to a new school quite intimidating. However, I settled in to my new environment very quickly. It is never easy to start something new, and I feel that the staff and students at Pulteney really helped me to join in and become part of the community.

Leaving my old school, I was apprehensive about leaving all my friends behind. However, since starting at Pulteney, I have been able to establish deep and meaningful connections with new people who I hope to stay connected with into the future.

I feel really privileged to be at Pulteney, as I feel I have gained a really unique perspective about the world around me. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunities I have been given in representing my school in the Stage Band and the connections with students in other years that I have gained through this. I feel grateful for the quality of education I have received here, not only in academics but in social development and community understanding. I hope to take all I have learned at Pulteney into my life beyond school and I am thankful for the school for fostering my love of learning.

Jake Losasso