Coby Howell

2019 Captain

My name is Coby Howell and I am very excited to represent Pulteney as a student leader in 2019. In undertaking this role, I hope to further enhance our inclusive community and will endeavour to connect with students from all year levels and staff from all subject areas throughout the school.

My friends would describe me as quite a talkative and comical person, even when I’m pushing the Monopoly board off the table for landing on their properties for the fifth time. I’m not an overly competitive person, just very passionate. Having first joined the Pulteney community in Year 2 as a pudgy 7-year-old introvert, I have spent my ten years at Pulteney growing into a slightly less pudgy 17-year-old extrovert. I have grown up in a cohesive environment that has supported my development into a well-rounded and socially aware individual.

To me, Pulteney is more than just a school; it is a source of endless connections and opportunities for students to have and partake in. The rich co-curricular program has allowed me to participate in numerous groups and programs, including tennis, hockey, wellbeing committee, Reconciliation Action Plan group, debating and even ensembles, despite my lack of musical abilities. The opportunities for experiential learning, including school camps to various locations across South Australia, have been invaluable to my education. The open-minded school community and executive leadership have facilitated my keen interest for social justice in various ways, including supporting the Reconciliation Action Plan group, of which I have been privileged to participate in. Furthermore, Pulteney’s location in the CBD, coupled with outstanding staff, have provided me with pathways to participate in out-of-school United Nations youth organisations and competitions to further explore my passions. These groups and experiences have enabled me to meet a host of diverse peoples from an array of different backgrounds, ultimately strengthening my connection with multicultural Australia and the Pulteney community.

I am honoured to be serving as School Captain for Pulteney in 2019 and am thrilled to have yet another amazing opportunity to give back to a community that has truly made me the individual I am today.

Coby Howell