2019 Student Leaders

Meet our 2019 Student Leaders


Coby Howell, 2019 Co-Captain

My name is Coby Howell and I am very excited to represent Pulteney as a student leader in 2019.

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Charlotte Moseley, 2019 Co-Captain

I’m Charlotte, but most people know me as Charli. I began at Pulteney as a very short, nervous and excited Year 7 in 2014. 

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Jake Losasso, 2019 Vice-Captain

I began at Pulteney in Year 10 and initially found the transition to a new school quite intimidating. However, I settled in to my new environment very quickly. It is never easy to start something new, and I feel that the staff and students at Pulteney really helped me to join in and become part of the community. 

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Paige Cowles, 2019 Vice-Captain

My name is Paige, and I am extremely honoured to hold the position of Pulteney Vice-Captain for 2019. To start with, I thought I would let you know a little bit about myself; I am very passionate about music, love playing a wide variety of sports, and have been told that I am ‘slightly’ competitive.

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