2018 Leaders' Speeches - Prep Induction Assembly


Good morning all,

My name’s Tom Rundle, and I’ve been asked to talk to you about the importance of leadership in sport.

For all my life, I’ve been obsessed with cricket and football. I still am to be honest. I’m a mad Crows fan. Love Rory Sloane. I also love basketball and volleyball.

Over the years, I learned a couple of very handy tricks from various coaches on how to be a good leader.

Firstly, you need to understand that a team is only as strong as its weakest link. Think of it a little like this:
Say your mum was making some tomato soup, but she put way too much garlic in it. It’s not going to taste any good. The garlic is the weakest link. Everything else is fine, but the garlic simply ruins it. However, if you add some more of all of the other elements of the soup, the tomatoes, the salt, the pepper, the stock etc, then the garlic isn’t so bad.

What I mean is, if you see someone struggling on a netball court, a soccer field, anywhere, put in some effort yourself to go over and give them a hand. It will not only make them better, but it will also make your whole team better, and you will feel great afterwards. That’s ultimately what leadership is all about, helping others to be their best.

Lastly, every single person in this room can be a leader. You don't need a badge to tell you that you are the only leader. It isn’t just up to the captain to make sure that people are doing the right things at training, or help out the kids who aren’t as advanced. It’s everybody’s responsibility, and that's the great thing about team sport, you’re all in it together.

Thanks for listening.

Thomas Rundle
School Captain


Good morning everyone,

Today I’m going to talk about one of my favourite movies; Kung Fu Panda (specifically the third one). Upon my first watch, I didn’t fully realise the extent to which the movie presented valuable leadership lessons, some that have been greatly influential over my years at Pulteney. I’m going to read out the pivotal understandings Po (the Kung Fu Panda himself), experienced throughout his journey from transitioning as a student to a teacher.

Lesson 1: Reach out of your comfort zone, and don’t be afraid to fail;
Po miserably failed his first class as a teacher. Disheartened, and confused, he still persisted and continued on to achieve greatness. If leaders need to walk the talk, and lead by example, then stepping out of the comfort zone, and being vulnerable to failure is integral to growth. So, embrace all your experiences, they make you who you are!

Lesson 2: Your job as a leader is to make your peers the best versions of themselves.
Po realises that he cannot fight alone, and he is faced with the daunting task of teaching Kung Fu to the Pandas. However, instead of making all of them just like him, he leverages their unique strengths to make them the best that they can be. As leaders, we might want our team members to be just like us, or fit into a certain formula that we have. However, as a good leader, it is our responsibility to help people not just be themselves, but the best versions of themselves.

Lesson 3: When all seems too challenging, the strength of your team determines if you sink or soar.
A good leader just like Po puts his team above his own interests and is not afraid to get their hands dirty. However, in the end, it is the effort of the team’s collective cooperation and energy that will solve the problem. The team can only be harnessed if the leader has invested time in helping them realise their true potential and believing in themselves.

Lesson 4: There is no secret ingredient to being a good leader;
All leaders have the potential to be the best that they can be. It’s just a matter of believing in yourself, even when others may not. This highlights the fact that even without a badge or a title, everyone is a leader. This is something that you all should take great pride in and fulfil your potential, as there are small things each of us can do every day to positively influence our peers, friends, and the community.

Hopefully you all have felt inspired to lead in the Pulteney community, as the roles some of you will undertake are very honourable. I am more than certain you will achieve great success in the upcoming year, as true leadership isn’t about power over people; it is about power with people.

Thank you!

Isabel Tynan
School Captain


Hey guys,

My name is Isaac De Donatis. Most of you hopefully would have heard me talk a little bit about myself at the first assembly in Week 1.

Today, I am here to spread some key messages. I want to start off by sharing with you something my Dad shared with me as a kid. I love all kinds of sport and I especially love watching the Socceroos. Tim Cahill, our star striker, had always stood out to me as a role model and I looked up to the things that he said and did.

He was so passionate and he undeniably loved representing his country. It was something I had always dreamt of doing. I told my Dad how much I loved Tim Cahill and he told me this, he said: “Whatever you like about Tim Cahill, try to make that apart of who you are and be a role model to others like he is to you”.

It is such a simple message but it has such great meaning. If any of you have role models that you look up to and see as great leaders, take in what they say and do and put that into practice yourself, then others will then look up to you as a role model.

My second message is this: for those of you who have missed out on a leadership position today, you will no doubt feel a little upset, but use those feelings to make you a stronger person and a better leader. A true leader would continue to want to make change and be a positive role model, regardless of the position that they hold.

So, in short, my message is, regardless of whether you have received a leadership role today or not, still be the leader that you hoped you would and try to make the changes that you would’ve made had you been selected.

The last message I would like to give you is so simple and doesn’t need much explanation. Don’t let the badge you receive or don’t receive today affect your friendships. The position that some of you will be lucky enough to have will sadly only last a year, but your friendships can last a lifetime. So don’t be jealous and get upset with your friend because they get a leadership position and you don’t. If you’re lucky enough to get a position, don’t be someone who puts down and mocks others who didn’t.

Lastly, for absolutely everyone here, don’t ever be afraid to come and see any of us; we really don’t bite. For the leaders that are selected today, if you ever feel overwhelmed by the position, or want to talk about any ideas and want to chat to someone who knows what you’re going through, you are more than welcome to come and chat to us.

Thank you.

Isaac De Donatis
School Vice Captain


Good morning everyone,

My name is Stella and I feel privileged to be with Tom, Issy and Isaac to present the new Prep leaders with their leadership badges today.

I thought that this morning I would speak of leadership as an acronym. I hope your year has been enjoyable so far and I hope that some of these messages today may help to guide you throughout the year.

L – is for living within the Pulteney community. All people in this room today should aim and aspire to be active members of our special community.

E – Everyone is a leader at this school. It doesn't matter if you have a badge, a tie or a blazer, everyone has unique qualities and traits which are all equally important assets to our school community.

A - Acknowledging that working as a team, whether that be as a class, sporting team or cohort will always result in the best outcomes for all.

D - is for developing a positive attitude and always being open to new opportunities and challenges. Often what you think is what you get. Therefore, if you set your mind to something and continuously strive to achieve it, you will be successful.

E - The second E is for encouraging others to always strive to do their best.

R - is for resilience, and having the ability to continuously pick yourself up in order to overcome difficulties.

S - is for supporting everyone in your cohort, team and class, even if they are different to you.

H - is for always being honest to your peers and helping others whenever you see the opportunity to.

I - is for integrity and for having strong moral principles which you stick by throughout your time at Pulteney and beyond. It is also important to be individual in your leadership and not feel like you have to follow in anyone else’s path, instead create your own.

P - is for being passionate about your beliefs and feeling confident to live by and stand up for what you believe in.

I think that these principles sum up leadership pretty well and are all important in order to serve your community whether it be in the classroom, a sporting team or beyond.

I wish everyone of you success in your new roles this year and hope that over the year, we will work together as we all embark on new leadership roles.

Thank you.

Stella Healey
School Vice Captain