Neha Athreya

2017 Vice-Captain

I began my time at Pulteney in the Early Learning Centre as a small 4-year-old. I have always felt so included and welcomed by the Pulteney community, and have always found the school to be an incredibly warm and accepting place. I have been lucky enough to call Pulteney my school for the past 14 years.

My long journey through Pulteney has given me the opportunity to learn from many people. The core message that I have taken away throughout this time is to always give things a go and to make the most of every opportunity provided. Pulteney has always provided me with so many opportunities to be involved in many different things: music, sports, academia and much more. I have been able to explore my passion for sport by participating in the many sports that the school has on offer, several of which I have continued to play in my final year of schooling, such as netball and basketball. This year, I have also had the privilege of being a member of Pulteney’s first ever girls’ footy team. The success of our team, driven by the large crowds of Pulteney supporters that can often be seen at all sporting events, is testament to our incredibly supportive school community, and the ever-growing nature of the school’s extra-curricular programs.

The strength of the Pulteney community is often alluded to by staff and students, and its strong presence is something I have felt right throughout my time here. The vast and extensive network stretching from students and peers, to teachers, staff and old scholars has fostered the growth and development of many. Pulteney has truly extended its teachings to beyond the educational parameters of the learning facilities, and has taught me many life lessons that I will take into adulthood. Above all else, I’ve always been encouraged by the Pulteney community to be an honest, compassionate and respectful person who values others. I count myself lucky to have attended a school that not only produces academically proficient students, but also kind, well-rounded individuals who are equipped for life after school. I can safely say that I would not be who I am today without Pulteney, and the people who have supported me for the past 14 years and throughout my schooling.