2017 Student Leaders

Meet our 2017 Student Leaders

Sam Price web3

Sam Price, 2017 Co-Captain

Pulteney Grammar School has always been more than merely a place of education for me. The sense of belonging and the purpose that each and every student feels at Pulteney is a testament to the school, its teachers, and the entire cohort of students.

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Isla Walker web3

Isla Walker, 2017 Co-Captain

I began my Pulteney experience in year 8 and although at the time it seemed daunting, I was immediately welcomed into the close community. This sense of camaraderie and constant support from peers and teachers alike, is what gave me the initial confidence I needed to transition into an bustling city environment.

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 Isaiah Fabbro web 1

Isaiah Fabbro, 2017 Vice-Captain

Although I only joined Pulteney just over four years ago, I feel like I have been a part of the community here my whole life. The school’s welcoming embrace is something that was a really pleasant surprise for me upon my arrival here, and is something that I will never forget when I leave.

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Neha Athreya web 

Neha Athreya, 2017 Vice-Captain

I began my time at Pulteney in the Early Learning Centre as a small 4-year-old. I have always felt so included and welcomed by the Pulteney community, and have always found the school to be an incredibly warm and accepting place. I have been lucky enough to call Pulteney my school for the past 14 years.

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