Photographic Permission Form

This form allows your child to participate in any photographs or have photos taken for media or marketing purposes during their time at Pulteney.

If you do not want your child’s photo to be taken, please select ‘No’ below.

A ‘yes’ response will be kept on our database as approval for their time at Pulteney. Please notify us at any time you would like to change this status.


and whom I warrant that I represent as his/her legal guardian, I grant Pulteney Grammar School the right and permission to use any photographic images of my child in or which may be included, and taken by the Photographer as part of the photographic engagement (the Photographic images), any media now or hereafter for marketing activity of the school, for the whole of their school life unless notified in writing by myself. I understand that Pulteney Grammar School endeavour to protect the profile of all students by scrutinising all media and photographers purpose, however acknowledge that ultimately all images taken are the property of the Photographer and the School is unable to control the publication of Photographic images in any form.