Prefects' experience

Read about how our 2020 Student Leaders have found their first week of Pulteney@Home

 Jessie Aldridge PulteneyHome2

Jessie Aldridge, 2020 Co-Captain

"For Pulteney and the entire global community, the last few months have been unpredictably unique."

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Will Rooke PulteneyHome image sq

Will Rooke, 2020 Co-Captain

"It would be an understatement to suggest this has not been quite what I expected from year twelve. Despite the uncertainty however, recent events appear to have brought out the best from the Pulteney community..." 

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 Olivia Veronese2

Olivia Veronese, 2020 Vice-Captain

"The transition to virtual learning was smoother than I expected – despite the obligatory teething issues, both teachers and students have been prepared, understanding, and willing."

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Declan Beard PulteneyHome sq2

Declan Beard, 2020 Vice-Captain

"2020 has been filled with unforeseeable changes to school life and the function of society in general. Pulteney like many schools around the world has adapted to these changes, creating an effective online learning platform, which has been subsequently named ‘Pulteney at home’."

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