Principal's Message

We are Pulteney:
A dynamic and inclusive city school community that inspires, challenges and empowers for tomorrow.

At Pulteney, we are justifiably proud of our history and traditions whilst also providing a dynamic, vibrant and contemporary co-educational experience for all of our students.

We are also a city school that makes the most of every opportunity to leverage all that our wonderful City of Adelaide provides. We put students at the heart of what we do. Our location enables us to inspire a passion for learning through our unique community values, partnerships and the broader cultural offerings that Adelaide provides. As such, our Learning and Performance Culture focuses on three key areas: Students, Learning and Community.

Equally important, we are a strong and supportive community. Our size of approximately 1,000 students, from ELC to Year 12, enables us to know and nurture each individual. This focus on individuals is supported by our unique structure of four sub-schools: Kurrajong (Early Learning to Year 2), Prep School, Middle School and Pulteney’s Senior School, known as one ninety. This structure allows the Head of each school to gain first-hand knowledge of 250 individual students and families through smaller class sizes.

At Pulteney, each and every student is actively engaged in their learning to develop greater confidence in their abilities and take on new challenges with conviction. Over time, they develop creative and critical thinking while making stronger connections with their community at a local, national and global level. Our extensive range of subjects cater to individual interests that are complemented by quality programs in sport, music, drama, debating, public speaking, community service participation and more.

Academically, the results of 2019 were outstanding with 44% of Year 12 students achieving an ATAR of 90+. Notably, 33% of those achieved an ATAR of 95+ which places them in the top 5% in the nation, and 6.7% of our students achieved a score of 99 which places them in the top 1%. These results are also recognition of the level of student scholarship and staff commitment that Pulteney applies to teaching excellence.

More than ever, we are supporting our students to grow personally and academically – and this is the forward thinking difference that we proudly offer at Pulteney.

In our friendly and caring environment, interactions across the entire range of student ages are fostered and enhanced by every year level that are shared in one outstanding campus. Our supportive and inclusive pastoral care structures are maintained by a deliberate focus on empowerment and wellbeing. As our students progress, they learn to identify key adults and peers with whom they can communicate and collaborate. In turn, this builds strong community and School spirit that supports the wellbeing of each student.

I invite you to explore our website to learn more about Pulteney’s innovative philosophy and the enduring commitment to our students. You are also invited to visit us in person. 

I welcome every opportunity to show you our School in person. 

Cameron Bacholer