Sport Leaders and Photo Orders

The Sports Department are delighted to inform you that the following students have been appointed to a leadership position in our sports program for 2021.

Sports Captains

Ellie Georgaris, Emilia Dolphin, Will Evans, Sam Milewski

Captains of Sport (Summer)

Rowing: William Darker, Lili Keene, Cooper Hillen

Softball: Ruby de Broughe

Volleyball: Jaime Kelly, Bethany Burgess, Christos Michaels

Basketball (Girls) Jeanne Lombard

Tennis: Anya Ecimovic, Simone Chiera, Brendan Loh (Dev.)

Athletics: Sienna Brownrigg

Swimming: Zane Phua, John Napier

Cricket: Sam Strawbridge, Patrick Winter, Sophie Rundle

Middle School Captains of Sport (Summer)

Cricket: Max Boucher, Andrew Sallis

Softball:  TBC

Volleyball: Emerson McClurg, Charlotte Sarson

Basketball (Girls): TBC

Tennis: Zara Chiera

Athletics: Lucy Allen

Swimming: Samara Zhang; Madeleine Harbord











Summer and Winter Sports photos – Order details

Photographs of middle and senior school summer and winter sporting teams are now available to be ordered from Focus School Portraits.  Please visit their website, select ‘School Portraits’ and use the Shoot Key No P9ESFL4E to view images.  Photos can only be ordered online.