Pulteney Winemakers

Following two years of excessive dedication and intensive loving care, the Year 11 and 12 Winemakers are incredibly pleased to share the final arrival of Pulteney’s 2019-2020 Shiraz wine.

With the commencement of this journey taking place in early March 2019, we were fortunate enough to be provided with the opportunity to pick grapes grown in the beautiful McLaren Vale Vineyard, generously donated by former Pulteney parent, Steve Tunstill. We extend our gratitude to Steve for all his effort and time in assisting us and allowing for a great start of our project.

We carefully processed the grapes in our destemming machine we affectionately nicknamed “the crusher” into a solid pulp. We let the wine ferment for three weeks which allowed the yeast to not only convert the grape sugars into alcohol but also to develop the aroma, flavour and colour. From there we pressed out juice in a wine press, in a process where pressure is applied in rotational movements forming a liquid juice underneath, which we filtered and left to age for over 18 months.

Broken demijohns towards the end of 2019 became an iconic moment of the winemaking journey. This catastrophe was caused by the rise and fall of temperature of the sealed wine, and a corresponding spontaneous heatwave. Unfortunately, this resulted in the loss of 40 litres of wine and subsequently, over half the amount of our initial predicted bottles. Despite the disappointing nature of this loss, we were fortunate to find that this did not hinder the future work that was put in to deliver a premium final product.

The bottle label design, developed by Helen Wan and Olivia Veronese, marked the acknowledgement of Pulteney Grammar as a co-ed school. Helen’s concept of the golden wreath composed of 20 body leaves and the 21st leaf at the top is symbolic of Pulteney celebrating 20 years of co-education in 2019, following with its 21st year in 2020. Olivia’s efforts contributed towards the visual aesthetics of the back label and the blurb. The label was one which acknowledged the commitment and dedication of our members to the group.

Pulteney Winemakers members:

Isaac Attanasio
James Burgess
Samuel De Jong
Zachary Haarsma
Max Hammerstein
Daniel Hassan
Thomas Hillock
Kataryna Kadis
Thomas Lewis
Grace Neuhaus
Alexander Nikoloff
Jeremy Ninio
Jack O’Connor
Jake Price
William Rooke
Aidan Rowett
Christian Veronese
Olivia Veronese
Helen Wan

Overall, having experienced an unprecedented time of a worldwide pandemic in 2020, and the loss of over half our wine, the Pulteney winemakers 2020 has reached its closure with great success producing a full-bodied robust shiraz. Marking the contributions of every single member, these bottles are a worthy tribute to not only the team and Pulteney Grammar, but also our winemaking mentor Ms Karen Bruce. The Pulteney 2019-2020 Shiraz will be honoured to join the hallowed halls of past and future Pulteney Winemakers!

Helen Wan, Tom Hillock, and Sam De Jong

Members of Pulteney Winemakers 2019-2020