Prep School

Mindlab Olympics 2020

 Two Pulteney Prep School teams competed in the 2020 Mindlab Olympics held at St Andrew’s School on Monday, 9 November.  Both teams played wonderfully, displaying skill and manners, both of which are requirements of the game. 

Congratulations to all the students listed below and, in particular, to the Pulteney Navy team who took out third place in the competition. Congratulations also to Luke Hughes who came equal second in the game of ‘Quoridor’ and Angus Perry who took out equal second place in the game of ‘Octi’. 

Pulteney Navy:

Harry Marks
Angus Perry
Alisha Yu
Matthew Liu

Pulteney White:

Wen Hui Teoh
Luke Hughes
Maicher Ren
Leon Boffo

The Mindlab program complements the focus within the Prep School on problem solving, critical and creative thinking and respect for all.

Year 5 Camp  

The Year 5 students had great weather for the first day of their three-day outdoor learning experience to Victor Harbor from Wednesday 11 to Friday 13 November. The children participated in a nature walk across Granite Island before then attending surf school at Middleton.

The weather was a little colder for the following two days but that did not stop the children from having fun canoeing, building shelters, participating in team games and competing in a mini Olympics.

The three day program built on the outdoor living skills introduced in previous camping programs and assisted in helping the children to strengthen friendships, and further develop their independence and self-confidence.

Students and staff were all a little weary as they got off the bus on Friday, but it was clear they had thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thank you to Gen Corbo, Rachel Muncaster, Olivia Swann and Matthew King for all their work in organising and running the camp.


Denise O’Loughlin

Head of Prep