Transitions and Change

Over 2500 years ago, Greek Philosopher Heraclitus is reported to have said “There is nothing permanent except change”. Change can be difficult at times but so necessary for growth and development. As we near the time of students experiencing orientation and change of classes for the year ahead, we acknowledge that it is normal to be apprehensive about what change will bring. Guiding your child with a positive approach to change is important to support any apprehension or uncertainty they may be experiencing. This week class placement letters will be sent out and children will be excited to know who their teacher will be and the classmates that will move with them in their class for 2021. Please trust that the placement of your child has been carefully planned with a range of criteria considered and based on professional judgements about each student’s educational, social and emotional needs. During the year Class Teachers implement opportunities for socialisation to allow the children to get to know all students in the year level, which helps prepare them for the year ahead. Behavioural consultant Madhavi Nawana Parker has written notes on her advice for parents concerned about the class placement process. If you would like a copy of Madhavi’s tips for parents, please notify your child’s class teacher. 

Pulteney Storybook Series

Each Friday we will be sharing a storybook online read by one of our Pulteney staff members or students. Storytelling helps to build connections among people and improves listening skills that are essential in learning and in relationships. We hope your family enjoys listening to the books selected each week by members of our school community. This week, Manager of the Early Learning Centre Dareska Brus shares a book titled ‘Little Full Stop’ written by her sister, Mischa Brus.









Kurrajong Concert

As communicated by our Principal Cameron Bachelor, our Kurrajong Christmas Concert has been postponed. The staff and children are hopeful that we will have an opportunity to share their outstanding songs and actions. The Family Tree theme is a special one and we are looking forward to showcasing it. We have been so proud of the maturity the children displayed to prepare for the event. More information will be provided in due course.

Reception Orientation Friday 20 November

Further to our recent invitation regarding the Reception 2021 Orientation morning being held on 20 November, due to the COVID outbreak, we wish to advise that we will not be holding a morning tea for parents. Students may still be able to attend from 9.45-11.00am to meet their teacher and peers for the year ahead. If families would prefer not to attend this Friday, an opportunity to visit the current Reception class at a later date may be arranged.

Kurrajong Playgroup

We continue to remain responsive as the situation surrounding COVID-19 develops. The health and wellbeing of the community we serve remains our primary focus during this period of uncertainty. For this reason, we have decided to cancel our Playgroup Friday sessions for the remainder of Term 4, and we look forward to beginning again when possible in 2021.

Natalie Natsias

Head of Kurrajong