Middle School

Year 8 into Year 9 Elective choices

Last week the Year 8s were provided information regarding the Year 9 electives by the relevant Learning Area Leaders. They were shown how to make their selections using Web Preferences and sent the Web Preferences link as well as the link to the Elective Guide book that outlines briefly information regarding each elective. Students and parents have been asked to complete the elective selection process by Friday 23 October.

Year 9 into 10 Transition

Next week the Year 9s will complete the Pizza for Comment sessions with the Year 11 leaders answering the questions the Year 9 students generated on what they want to know about one ninety. The questions tend to be about subject selection, workload and uniform. The Year 11 students will be very open and honest with their answers and the Year 9s should gain a reasonable and accurate picture of what to expect when they enter one ninety in 2021.

The next stage in their transition will be subject selection and on Friday 30October the Year 9s will participate in Year 10 Subject Selection Interviews.

Year 9 Uniform Fittings

Year 9 students will all be sent an email from Mrs Martin with a time to attend the uniform shop for their one ninety uniform fitting. No orders will be taken it is simply a service to take measurements so they can ensure stock is on hand when parents are ready to order.

Paul Ryan

Head of Middle School