Tournament of Minds

For the last 6 weeks the Primary and Secondary teams have been busily preparing for the virtual Tournament of Minds. While all teams have had the same challenge to solve, teams have been asked to demonstrate their interpretation of the SUPER CHALLENGE through STEM, Social Science, Language Literature or the Arts. All teams will be judged virtually on Saturday 12 September.

Please wish the following students all the best as they submit their solution to the SUPER CHALLENGE on Wednesday 9 September:

Primary - STEM

Nikita Amos, Addison Ritossa, Samuel Williams, Charlie Grivell, Diesel Kereru, Livia Ogunsanya and Scarlett Lamb

Primary - Social Science

Lilah Dunn, Charlotte Jarmer, Eric Liang, Tim Newman, Adam Brownbill, Alicia Bollinger and Kai Dalby

Secondary - STEM

Jedda Dadds, Zara Chiera, Cameron Hughes, Oscar Mitchell, Riley Brion, Ross Koutsounis and Thomas Smid

Secondary - Social Science

Madison Schubert, Addi Schwartz, Finn Boylen, Lily Koch, Hugh Mahoney, Fraser Brion and Emma Neuhaus

We would like to thank the students for their incredible commitment in this time. The teams have been an absolute pleasure to work with.

Sue Mavropoulos                                                                    Karen Penn               

Tournament of Minds Coordinator and Facilitator                   Inclusive Education Teacher

Gifted and Talented Coordinator and Teacher                          Tournament of Minds Facilitator