one ninety

“It’s not choosing the ‘right’ path that matters. It’s knowing what ignites your passion. Once you’ve figured out what brings you joy, you don’t have to worry about finding the right path. Any path – any path – will take you there” Panera Founder / CEO Ron Shaich

It has been a particularly ‘big’ week in one ninety.

Term Three always walks a tenuous line between consolidating the present while planning for the future and this week has been symbolic of this.

The future:

The current Year 10 and Year 11 students have undertaken their 2021 subject selections. We have been incredibly proud of the thought, time and care they have put into their considerations and their plans for their future. Furthermore, we have been proud of the opportunities that have been provided to them. The thought and effort put into these decisions will reap benefits in 2021 and 2022.

Year 10 camp will launch in a fortnight and the cohort are eagerly looking forward to it. This year, we have been thrilled to offer a choice of camp based on interest and ability. Students have since made these choices and parents will be notified this week so that final arrangements can be made.

Nicholas Brice

Head of one ninety

Dance Concert

The Senior Co-Curricular Dance class, SACE Stage 1 Dance and Year 9 Dance classes will be performing at the upcoming Dance Concert on Saturday 12 September at 7.00pm in Wyatt Hall. For full details, including consent forms, tickets and costume and hair information, please refer to the Performing Arts section of the Pulteney Review.

Ensemble Music Concert

The Concert Band, Year 7 String Quartet, Senior Drum Corps, Senior String Ensemble, Grammarphones, Brass Ensemble, Senior Handbell Ensemble, Stage Band 2, Guitar Ensemble, Senior Concert Choir, Stage Band 1, Jazz on the Terrace will be performing in the upcoming Ensemble Music Concert on Saturday 19 September at 6.30pm in Wyatt Hall. For full details, including the online consent form, and ticket information, please refer to the Performing Arts section of the Pulteney Review.

Pulteney Challenge

Pulteney Challenge is taking place on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 Septemberin Mt Crawford Forest. Registrations are now open via trybooking ( – but get in quick!  

Legal Studies

This week year 11 Legal Studies students have been busy preparing for mock trials, or ‘moots’.  Following a ‘virtual excursion’ to see the courts in action due to COVID restrictions, students have been given a set of facts and witnesses for two separate cases to be heard within the classroom. Undertaking their own legal research, development of arguments and lines of witness questioning, the class have honed their mooting skills with enthusiasm. This experience closely represents that which lawyers undertake in a court or tribunal proceeding. The skills developed are not limited to the legal field, though. Mooting provides the students with an opportunity to practices and refine their written and oral presentation skills, critical thinking and research skills. It also strengthens their collaborative learning abilities, with small mock ‘firms’ each working together to analyse a case and determine the best course of action.

The first case was heard on Thursday. The students approached the murder trial scenario with aplomb, all the while adjudicated deftly by one of their colleagues acting as Judge for the proceedings. Witnesses were examined and cross examined, objections bandied and opening and closing statements in a contentious affair, with the accused eventually found ‘guilty’ by a jury of their peers. All of the students played a major role within the trial, with all making an appearance before the court in order to demonstrate their skill. The second trial will be heard this Thursday. This promises to be an equally intriguing legal affair, and no doubt the students involved will leave no stone unturned in the quest for justice!

Ms Daisy Ashby

Senior Geography and Tourism Teacher

Learning Area Leader – Humanities

Mt Remarkable Journey

Outdoor Education - Mt Remarkable

As part of the Stage 1 Outdoor Education course this semester, students completed a day visit to Kuitpo Forest to learn mountain biking skills, and a three-day journey to Southern Flinders Ranges. They were taught introductory riding skills, progressed these skills to a high standard and explored the unique area of Melrose (gateway to the outback) and Mount Remarkable National Park on bikes.

The cycle tour journey along the Mawson Trail and Southern Flinders Rail Trail is part of their journey assessment for the course, and students planned, applied and immersed themselves exceptionally well. Key outcomes of these outdoor experiences are for students to demonstrate field study techniques through personal experiences, apply knowledge and show evidence of skills in observation, recording and interpreting aspects of the activities and the environment. Assessment includes reflection on their practical skills, planning and packing, safety management strategies, environmental studies and personal feelings on their experiences.

The staff team were really pleased with the collegiality shown by the students, respect they had for each group member and resilience to challenge personal comfort zones. The bakery stop on the way home was well earnt, and the learning and memories from the trip will last for many years.

Daniel Polkinghorne

Experiential Learning Coordinator