From the Chaplain

An invitation to explore Confirmation @ Pulteney

As part of the ongoing commitment of Pulteney to enable students to nurture their faith, students attend a weekly chapel service. During this time, we explore the values, traditions and practices of Anglicanism through acts of worship, discussion, teaching and the broader lens of common human values.

One practice of the Anglican Church is to extend an invitation to students who would like to be confirmed. Confirmation is when a child personally accepts the promises that were said by their Godparents at their baptism. If a child has not been baptised, then confirmation signifies the start of a personal commitment to own their Christian faith.

Children 12 years or older are of the age to consider confirmation. If your child is interested in exploring this avenue or learning more about our Anglican practices, especially regarding receiving communion, please contact me via email or ring 0417 899 603. 

Tracey Gracey