Performing Arts

Performing Arts

As we all gradually come out of the performing arts period inactivity due to Covid-19, I am thrilled to announce that all the planned events for Term 3 2020 are now back into our performance program. This means events like the Classical Concert, ABODA Band Festival, SACE Stage 2 Drama Production, Pulteney Dance Concert and the Gig@theGov are all going to happen. What is not so clear, is how these events will all unfold.

While it remains uncertain as to how many people we can have in the audience of these events, we have decided that we need to get our students back on stage and developing their stage craft and performance skills. All our music co-curricular groups are back rehearsing which has been exciting for the students and the music staff, and now we have concerts and event programs to prepare. More information will flow as we gain a fuller understanding of any limitations on audience size and other considerations we need to observe.

Mary Poppins 2.0

We are so excited to announce that while we couldn't do our full musical production of Mary Poppins (which normally would have happened last week) we are thrilled to promote our concert version of Mary Poppins on Saturday 18 July in Wyatt Hall, at school. This concert version will feature the big chorus numbers as well as some acted scenes, lots of singing and load of dancing.

This concert will be live streamed so everyone can be part of this event. I know the cast; the staff production team and the School are excited that they can do at least this version of the show.

More information about this event will come out in the weeks ahead, including the codes to access the streamed concert.

Instrument/voice lessons available

I am pleased to report the number of students receiving individual instrumental and vocal lessons each week at Pulteney has increased again. This indicates that not only do students want to learn to play a musical instrument or to sing, but that parents are seeing the opportunity as highly beneficial for their children. To this end, it is never too late for a child to start to learn to sing or play an instrument. If you would like more information or any assistance at all, please contact me at

We have 17 instrumental and vocal music teaching staff ready to teach your son or daughter. I know some of our new students to Pulteney in 2020 have settled into the school and its routines (after Covid-19) so now could be a great time to initiate music lessons. I am happy to take your call or email to answer all your questions and to assist you in getting your child to learn to play a musical instrument. Ali O’Connell, our Performing Arts Administrator, is also available to assist in any way she can.

Special Note on Handbells

You may not be aware, but at Pulteney Grammar School we are blessed to have a Handbell Ensemble, under the directorship of highly experienced handbells player, adjudicator and conductor, Ali O’Connell. The group rehearses every Thursday at 7.30am for an hour and are now working towards preparing their performance programs for term 3. Last term we also started a junior handbells group who are made up of Prep students and they rehearse every Friday morning 7.30 – 8.30am. This young group have been so keen and are already playing wonderful music. I see handbells being a significant part of what we offer here at Pulteney, so we have a strong diversity of ensembles and choirs. Please contact Ali O’Connell if you would like further information.


Jonathon Rice

Head of Performance and Instrumental Music

Learning Area Leader – Performing Arts