Parents and Friends of Pulteney

P&F Sustainable Uniform “Pop-up”.

Between ELC and Year 12 our children go through several iterations of school uniform. Whether this is as a result of the school journey, progressing from one sub-school to the next or due to a massive growth spurt where nothing fits anymore, we all tend to have various pieces of unwanted uniform in good condition taking up valuable space at home [or as is the usual case with teenagers scrunched up at the back of their wardrobe].

To assist the school community in the disposal or acquisition of, required items, the P&F are hosting a “Pop-Up” of pre-loved uniforms for sale. 

Day 1              Friday May 29th

Day 2              Monday June 1st

Time               8am – 9.30am and 3pm- 4.30 pm

Location:        Ground Floor, PGS Middle School

If you have any uniform items you would like to donate, or include on consignment, the requirements are :

  1. Must be in the current style
  2. Freshly laundered
  3. No hats or socks can be accepted.

For items offered on consignment please include your name/mobile number/ $ price

Available items can be left in Mark Bourchier’s office in Wheaton House by 27 May.

Any proceeds raised from  donated goods, will benefit the Pulteney Foundation’s Student Fund and P&F Scholarship Funds.

If you have any questions, please feel welcome to call me on 0403 090 395 or Mark on

8216 5504.


Sue Loftes

President Parents and Friends